Sunday 16 February 2014

Valentines Nail Art!

I've got lots of little gems, sequins and glitter in order to do a tonne of nail art, but I just get too lazy and never bother, so this Valentines I thought what better time to put my little heart gems to good use..

I received this little pot as part of a Christmas present (from Avon). Some may say the colour contrast is a little garish but I wanted to be sure the gems stood out!

For the polish I used Essie's 'Bikini So Teeny'. Also please excuse the none filed nails!

This is a really easy and quick yet effective way to jazz your nails up for any last minute special occasions! I will say I was glad I was only out for a couple of hours for a meal on Friday night as these gems unfortunately didn't last that long on the nails! However I used just the wetness of the polish in order to attach them as opposed to nail glue, so feel free to use this instead for a more stronger adhesive!

I hope you all had a nice Valentines, and if you are still yet to celebrate then enjoy!


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