Monday 14 April 2014

Book Review: Christmas At The Cupcake Cafe, Jenny Colgan

I know what you're all thinking, a Christmas themed book in April? I actually bought this to read in the run up to Christmas to get me into the spirit a little more but something just wasn't clicking and I really struggled to bond with the book (if bonding with a book is even possible!). If you know how I am for not wasting things, you can imagine that I was determined not to give up. A few weeks later I attempted to read it again and the same thing happened. I wasn't fond of the structure and very quickly got lost with all the characters that were getting introduced and who was related to who. Yet again I put the book down and decided to read another one. Fast forward a couple of months, low and behold, I picked this book up for the 3rd time and told myself not to give in... and finally, I finished it a couple of weeks ago.

I was pretty disappointed with this book.. like I have just mentioned, I felt it got off to a slow start with too many characters being introduced. There was something about the writing style that just wasn't flowing with me and sometimes I was left feeling a little confused (yes, from a chick lit!).

The actual story started kicking in probably half way through the book and I will admit, it had me gripped, but only for a little while. I was intrigued to know the outcome (which could have only been one of a few).

Plot Synopsis & Spoiler!

This book revolves around a young woman who runs her own cupcake café business in England. She has a boyfriend who is in the banking industry who gets offered to go to New York for work. She fears that this will become a permanent move for him and she will be put in a position of choosing between her cupcake business which she adores, or a new life in New York with him. She chooses her business and the relationship ends, however low and behold, all of her friends have put together and bought her another plane ticket to New York to rekindle her love and make things work. However the feeling is mutual his end, and as she is flying across to New York, he is flying across to England. Eventually they meet up in New York and make things work... he proposes and there's a cupcake café business on the cards for her in the new city.

There's obviously bits that happen in between that I've missed out but I'll let you discover those if you choose to read the book!

The bonus about this book is that its almost a book and recipe book in one! Every chapter starts with a new recipe that is related to the chapter, so it provides ingredients and instructions, so I have lots of yummy cakes to trial if I wish! Whilst reading the book I always skipped the recipes but its nice knowing that they are there!

It's the first time I've read something by Jenny Colgan and unfortunately I don't think I'll be rushing back to one of her books anytime soon.

Have you read any Jenny Colgan books? What did you think?


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