Wednesday 7 May 2014

What's in my travel make-up bag?

I'm not sure if I've mentioned it yet but I'm going to Paris next week for my birthday, so excited!

We're flying with Jet2 and I've only paid for 1 suitcase between 2 of us. Thankfully we're still allowed to bring 10kg of hand luggage each but just in case I want to purchase anything whilst I'm over there, I'm packing wisely so I don't have to pay more when I come back!

We're going for 3 nights/4 days, so I've tried to be really practical with what I take. Luckily I've had my fair share of experience packing lightly the last few years so I like to think I'm getting a bit of a pro at it now!

Foundation is a must of mine. I love the Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation; it offers the perfect coverage for me and I've been a dedicated fan of this for over a year now. With that is the very popular Collection Lasting Finish Concealer (please tell me its not just my concealers that the writing rubs off? It's done it to every one I own now, so annoying!). I've also been enjoying this Me Me Me Beat the Blues highlighter just lately. I love how it brightens up my eye area on tired mornings, so I'm sure I'll definitely be needing this over there because no lay-ins for us!

The NYX HD eyeshadow primer is a must when applying eyeshadow. I was hoping to take my Urban Decay mini primer potion but I appear to have misplaced that, so NYX it is!

Daniel Sandler Jumbo Jet mascara will be seeing me through Paris, as well as my Wet n Wild lipstick in 'Breeze'. I love the shade of this, the perfect tone to go with any outfit. I do want to take a brighter lipstick but I'm refraining!
Maybelline's color tattoo cream eyeshadow in Eternal Gold I love. It really brightens my eye area up and if careful enough, I occasionally use this as a highlighter, so I may leave the other behind, I'm not sure yet! I love the sun-kissed look this gives.

My Sleek face contour kit will give me the bronzer I need on my cheeks. Unfortunately the highlighter in this ran out about a year ago (yes, it's that old!).

The Lord & Berry kohl eyeliner I'm still a little undecided on. I recently received this in a Birchbox, and the size is perfect for travelling, however on the odd times that I've used it, it hasn't met my expectations. I'm going to try this out a few times before I go and if it fails to impress, then I'll be replacing this with my trusty Rimmel kohl eyeliner.

Dr Lipp lip balm - I chose this not only because of the perfect size (a tiny 3ml!) but I do get sore lips if I don't have anything on them after a while, so lip balm is a must!

The best item by far for travelling is my Blink & Go compact. I received this in a glossy box a long time ago, and it has got to be the perfect travel companion when packing light. Not only does it have all colours to create a smokey grey or brown eye, BUT it has 2 blusher shades underneath, with a mirror too! What more could you ask for? The quality of this is perfect, really pigmented and long lasting. This comes with me every time I travel and saves me from bringing individual eyeshadows and blushers.

I'm now working on downsizing my other beauty products!


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  1. Great post, such fab products :) Have a lovely birthday and trip doll - you must be mega excited! x

    The Belle Narrative


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