Wednesday 4 June 2014

May beauty empties

I feel like I got to the bottom of quite a lot of products throughout May. Luckily with my trip to Paris I managed to get through some travel sized products which is great for me because of my never ending growing stash of miniatures.

These are the products that I managed to finish in Paris. I deliberately brought miniature sized products because I was determined not to come back home with them!
The shampoo and conditioner samples always come in handy for weekend breaks. I never tend to use them otherwise. I love Patene as a hair brand so these were perfect for me.
The shower gel I received from a beauty box and if I'm being honest it wasn't really a scent that I usually go for. It was very herbal-y and spicy smelling, but I knew I would never use this at home so again, forced myself to use it!

 The 'Lait Corps' body lotion was rather nice, it left my skin feeling silky smooth and smelt a little of marzipan, so I liked this!
The Bioderma eye make-up remover! Firstly, how cute is this bottle. I've kept it to refill with other eye make up removers for when I go away because I think its the perfect size. I love oil-based eye make-up removers so I loved using this. It wasn't as oily as some other products that Ive used in the past, but it removes your mascara so effectively with such little effort. There are tonnes of reviews online about this stuff because every beauty blogger and their dog has raved about this at some point. I am actually giving away 2 full size bottles of this stuff, all the way from Paris (which is where it originates from). If you want to be in with a chance of winning,
Lastly, when it comes to eye treatments, I'm a little lazy. Eye products don't really interest me, however when I received these in a beauty box, I was intrigued. I think they're meant to be used in a morning for tired eyes, hence 'wake me up' - however once awake, I'm not one to lounge around pampering myself, I'd rather be up and out and keep the pampering for an evening. So I used these in an evening after a busy day in Disney. They really weren't what I was expecting - the only way I can describe what they feel like is a thin rubbery, almost silicon slippery wet texture. They were strange to touch but felt soothing once they hit the skin.

Obviously some of these larger products were carried on from April too, thankfully.. I think id panic if I used this amount every month!

Lets start with the hair products. For those that don't know, im really not a hair person.  I've tried and tried but it just doesn't interest me. That might explain the condition of it! Although the hair dye has got a lot to answer for as well...

Superdrug dry shampoo in chocolate brownie. I swear by this stuff and hope they never stop making it... not only is it a dry shampoo for me but it masks my roots too and helps me to prolong dying my hair for another 2-3 weeks, its great! Ive done a separate review on this which you can read here******

Tescos 'my senses' shampoo and conditioner in blueberry and orchid. I think these are maybe meant to be tescos replica of herbal essence, im not sure. Either way, I have been using these on and off for over a year. They smell gorgeous, the consistency is nice and thick which makes you feel like you are giving your hair a treatment. They do the trick, what more can I say? These are approx £1.69 each, and for a big bottle like that I think you cant go wrong. I hate spending loads of money on hair products because to me, spending £1.69 and £10, im sure no ones going to notice a difference!

Alberto balsam shampoo - I got a massive box full of toilettries for christmas and this was in it. Honestly? Im not a big fan and nevr have been. I hate the consistency of this. Its one that just slips off your hand before it even reaches your head. I dont feel like it does a great deal for your hair either, and my hair always feel under nourished when ive used this.

Philip Kingsley 'one more day' dry shampoo. I received this from a beauty box the other month and brought it to Paris with me. I actually really enjoyed using it. The product that it leaves on your hair to be massaged in is a lot more 'present' than other dry shampoos, and it seems to do the trick a lot more effectively than others. Although I dont think I can justify the price tag for the full size of this, but it does get a thumbs up from me.

Beauty protecter hair oil. I enjoyed using this little glass bottle whilst in Paris.. the smell is divine and I just love hair oil to tame split ends and nourish, as opposed to hair creams.

Clairol colour sealant. This came with a hair dye but I thought id include it because I love it. I remember when they first began putting these in the hair dye boxes (yes, I really have been dying my hair that long!) And I fell in love, but gutted that I could only get my handz on one if I bought a box of hair dye. A year or so later and they began selling them individually in Superdrug. I will say its never given me the same wow factor as it did the first time I used it, but then I put that down to the condition of my hair. I still love its creamy consistency though and how super soft my hair is left feeling afterwards.

Johnsons baby wipes - I like to have baby wipes handy for when im applying my make up to wipe my grubby hands on afterwards. Im not bothered what baby wipes they are, and just tend to grab whatever is on offef, cos they are only to wipe my hands on afterall!

Skin active face wipes - face wipes are the first step of scraping my make up off at night. I hate how expensive they are becoming so in an attempt to save money I decided to try a cheaper pack to see how my skin coped. I picked these up crom B&M for 99p for 2 packs I believe. The size is a little smaller than what im used to and the 'wetness' of them was lacking a little, I also found them quite hard to manoeuvre round my face, as bizarre as that may sound!

Urban Veda exfoliating facial polish - I bloody loved this stuff, so much so that I want the full size version. The texture is perfect, my skin is left feeling squeaky clean and soft, and it smells so good!

Ghost perfume (the original). Ive had a few bottles of this over the years. I remember a uni friend getting me into it in my first yr back when I was 18, so im still using this 11yrs later! Its a little different to the majority that I own. This is more musky and deep. Its pretty inexpensive to buy too which is always good if I fancy a treat.

The pampery cream bath. This was part of a set that I received at christmas. Firstly I love the packaging,  right up my street! Although this smelt sweet and sugary in the bottle, I have to say the scent didnt linger either in the bath or on the skin. It created a fair few bubbles though, which is always good!

'Little red dress' perfume, by Avon - Yet another christmas gift. This was a light scent that I used for work. Because I knew there was no great price tag on this, I tended to use it more as a body spray. It was a nice scent but didnt wow me at all.

Sure deodorant - what can I say about this? Im not one to stick to the same deodorant,  I tend to grab whatever is on offer. This does what it says on the tin!

Collection lasting finish concealer - im sure youve heard every man and his dog speak about this. Ive been buying it for a few years now. Its perfect.

Rimmel lasting finish 25hr wear foundation - ive been using this foundation for approx 2+yrs now, and love it. Ive done a separate review on it here ******* but if you like full coverage you'll love this.

Aromatherapy Associates bath and shower oil - I received this from a beauty box and wasnt too keen on the smell. Its a little different to what im used to - if using it in the shower, you had to apply this before you got in. The oily consistency made this really easy, but the smell staying power was something I wont forget.  Not only did it linger on the skin overnight (which rarely happens with me!), but I could still smell it in the bathroom 24hrs later. Impressive!


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  1. I need to have a look into your dry shampoo - my roots always end up showing before the rest of my hair is really ready to dye - this would be great to delay dying it a bit longer. Xxx


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