Friday 6 June 2014

My 'Sheflie'

When I spied a competition being held by tots100 in conjunction with Victoria Plumb to win £500 worth of vouchers I jumped at the chance! The competition is being held to celebrate the Great British Home. The rules are to showcase your favourite shelf in your home, simples! As you know I love to show you snippets of my home interior, my favourite shelf being no exception!

This shelf you will find in my dressing room. Its actually more a shelf for show than serving a purpose. My dressing room has a shabby chic style and is full with lots of pastels.
When we first moved into our home, I remember really wanting to get my dressing room set up. It was our first home together and I'd never had a dressing room before, so couldn't contain my excitement! The 'Dream' sign I rushed putting up, I didn't know what I was doing, but just grabbed a hammer and a few nails and went for it. Predictably I did a bit of a 'bodge' job, it's definitely not as straight as I'd have liked! Luckily not many people come in this room to see my DIY skills though!
The 2 lanterns either side were really inexpensive and I thought it added some sort of symmetry to the shelf, as well as doubling up as book stands too!
As you can see I'm a fan of chick lits, Sophie Kinsella being one of my favourite authors. But only pastel coloured books are allowed!
The small card in front of my books is a thank you card given me to whilst I was in Vegas by my brother and sister-in-law, thanking me for being their bridesmaid. It has a cute fairy style design on the front so I thought the whimsical-ness of it matched the theme of my room. Whimsical-ness - is that even a word? Oh well...
The box underneath the mugs is actually an old beauty box that I am subscribed to. I loved the design and colours of it and thought it was too pretty to hide away so added a little definition to my shelf. It's actually faded a lot from the sun now so I may have to do a little moving around soon!
The mugs on top are bargains that I picked up from a supermarket. Again, the pastel colours attracted me. They don't get used, they're just for show. I'm in the process of replacing these with some vintage tea cups instead as I think they might be a little more appropriate!
The bubble baths in the front row I thought were perfect for this shelf - pastel coloured with a cute vintage cupcake style design on the packaging. I picked these up in the Christmas sale really cheap! They smell divine too! Behind them are 3 body moisturisers that I picked up all the way from Las Vegas from their famous Bath & Body Works shop. I have 2 the same because they smell SO good and I was frightened of running out of one and never being able to replace it, so I bought 2 identical ones! I'm still really strict on when I use them, special occasions only! Not only do they smell good but they remind me of my time in Vegas. I love getting flashbacks of holidays through scents - is that strange?!
Next to that is some body mist. This too is from Bath & Body Works and is the same scent as the moisturisers but in a different form! The consistency of this is strange, its like a lava lamp inside! Its full of shimmer and looks pretty to look at so it made the cut!
Victoria Plumb currently have an interior design interactive quiz on their website which determines who you take after for your home interior style in the celebrity world! I took the quiz (which was actually good fun!) and I turned out to be Mrs Boho Chic who resembles the likes of Monica and Chandler from Friends! Go and take the quiz and let me know who you resemble! You can be entered to win a competition too on completion! Its handy for those that aren't too sure on their home style as well!
Go and take a snap of your 'shelfie' to be in with a chance of winning, but hurry, the competition closes tonight at midnight!
Good luck!


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