Thursday 31 July 2014

Review: Sweet B (American Sweets!)

I've noticed in the past year, American sweets have become hugely popular in England, and I know many of you like to stock up on sweets to bring back to the UK with you if you're lucky enough to be visiting the US. Leading supermarkets have introduced their own American section, full of well-loved food items from cereal, to spreads, chocolate and sweets, all at extortionate prices may I add! My local shopping area also has a stand dedicated to American sweets. I know a few cities even have full shops dedicated to American sweets... They seem to be popping up everywhere you go and have obviously got the nation hooked.

I had the pleasure in reviewing a new online American sweet company, 'Sweet B' that is based in the UK. I received the 'Laffy Taffy Rope Mix' box and it was filled with fruity goodness! I've had the box about a month now and I've still got some left, so they really do last (and I have a huge sweet tooth!). Unfortunately the Laffy Taffy went first, the gooey stuff was just too damn tasty to save!
Sweet B also sell one of my all time favourite American chocolate bars - Reeses! Not to mention peanut butter M&Ms! For all you fruitier people, Laffy Taffy, Nerds and Runts may be your friends! They have various boxes to choose from, full with sweet goodness, I think you'll be spoilt for choice!

The good thing about Sweet - B as well is that it offers free P&P which is always a bonus. These would make a welcoming change from our typical English sweets, or would even make a great gift for that American fanatic friend you may have! Or even if you're throwing an American-themed party.

They are currently holding a competition whereby when you make a purchase, you have the option of creating a new name for their boxes (yes, the company really is that new!). If they like your name, you will receive a box for free!

I've got my eyes on the Reese's box for next time! ;-)


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