Tuesday 2 September 2014

Recent Purchases: Primark Accessories

The past month or so I've gone a little crazy in the spending department and have been buying things that, for the majority, I don't really need... but thats the story of most women's lives, right?

For my birthday I received a £50 gift card for Primark. I've clung onto it for a whole 3 months (go me!) and finally used it in Manchester last weekend.

As expected I went a little over my £50 limit, but came away with some really cute stuff!

I like to switch my purses up once in a while, and when I realised I didn't have a plain black purse I just knew I had to pick this one up. I love the punched out detailing on this, and I think plain black always looks a lot more sophisticated and 'grown up', and just like the LBD, I think everyone needs a LBP in their lives too!

I then turned the corner and immediately fell in love with the colour of this purse. I've been referring to it as lilac, but realised that it is in fact a gorgeous powder blue colour. It is a little on the summery side but when I feel like ineed colour in my life I'll pull this little one out. I love the fact that its patent too...(excuse the shadow on the purse!). Bit of a contrast to the black one but I just couldn't resist this colour!

The headphones are gonna be a love or hate thing with most. I always steal my boyfriends beats, simply cos I don't have my own. When I saw these I knew I had to get them. At £7 I think the sound quality is pretty good, and c'mon, how cute are they? Even if a little tacky looking. I definitely wont be afraid to wear these on planes and trains.

I havent bought a set of earrings from primark jn such a long time. I got stuck in a rut wearing my silver crystal studs, simply because they are so versatile. I wear them both In and out of work, and barely even take them off. When I spotted this set of 6 studs, I realised that for once, I actually like every pair and knew I would wear each one at some point., and for £1.50 for 6 pairs, really? Luckily my ears aren't aggravated by cheap earrings so I dont have to worry about that!

Have you found any cute primark accessories lately?

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  1. Ooooh great buys! I know if that was me, I would not have been able to hold onto that gift card for 3 whole months! HOW DID YOU DO IT?!

    Iram @ Lovestruck for Louboutins


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