Saturday 6 September 2014

Review: August's Degustabox

I love it when my Degustabox arrives through the post - Just like my beauty subscription, I deliberately don't check for any spoilers beforehand, so when I open it, everything is a complete surprise, just how I like it.


Lets take a closer look...

Schwartz Flavour Shots ... £1.39 each.
I feel like when it comes to meat seasoning's, a lot of brands have been on the ball in the past year or so, and new ideas seem to be constantly popping up on the supermarket shelves. In last months box we saw the seasoned bags to cook meat in, and this month its in the design of a shot. A pretty clever idea and one that I'd definitely get some use out of.

Brioche Pasquier (pain au lait and pain au chocolat) £1.79 each
On the rare occasion I will buy a packet of pain au chocolats, although I can honestly say I've never tried the plain ones.. Me and my boyfriend shared these for breakfast over several days. They are a nice alternative to your average every-day breakfast. A recipe was included in the box that incorporated the pain au laits that I'm rather curious to try..

Fever Tree Ginger Beer/Tonic Water £1.69 each
Wow - I love Ginger beer but in my opinion this was far too strong. It made my nose tingle and warmed my throat up like cough medicine! The taste became not very enjoyable to the point where I had to mix it with some fruit juice to dampen down the strong flavour. As for the Tonic Water - I really don't think I have ever tried this, so it's sat chilling in my fridge till its needed :-)

Berry White (Peach & Goji Berry) £1.59
Can I just start by saying I love a drink in a glass bottle.. it makes it feel that little bit more special. Now onto the taste..
Unfortunately I didn't like this as much as I would have hoped. The flavour was far too weak for me and just tasted like a very diluted flavoured water. The other flavours sound yummy though so I'd like to try those!

Caribbean Twist (Strawberry Daiquiri) £2.50 (alcohol option)
I've had several of flavours from this brand before, so was eager to try out this new one. They are the perfect light summers drink (esp over ice) and the alcohol % is low so its not too heavy on the ol' head! These are good for any of you that prefer an extra fruitiness to your alcohol.

Cawston Apple & Pear Pressed Fruit drink carton - 3 pack - £1.89
I haven't had a carton drink with a straw for a long time - I felt this was aimed more at children, something I haven't got yet - I unfortunately wasn't very fond of this flavor, I found it quite weak, although these cartons are different in the fact that 40% of it is mixed with water to give a 'lighter' taste.

Mexican Dave's tortilla chips £1
These are probably the best tortilla chips I've ever tasted - they had a really nice taste to them, and you get a huge amount for the money. After eating a few plain, I then made a plate full of these with melted cheese on top that me and my boyfriend shared whilst watching a film.. I'd definitely buy these again.

Lindt 'Just for You' Heart chocolates £3.49
Lindt is up there with some of my favourite chocolates, so its not surprising when I say I was glad to see this. I remember receiving a heart-shaped Lindt tin for Valentines day a couple of years ago, although these packaging is much cuter (and comes with more chocolates!). It did remind me a little of Valentines day, with the heart shaped tin and chocolates, as well as the chocolate foil wrapping. They were divine as always, definitely a melt-in-your-mouth kinda chocolate! Yum!

Dr Oetker Edible Cupcake Cases £2.50 (6 cases in each pack)
My first thought when seeing these was 'What on earth are they going to bring out next?!' These seem pretty cool though, and are handy if you have children who always need help taking the casing off cakes. It also helps with leftover mess too.. perfect for those picnics! I ate one of these without the cupcake (I know, I know...) and they reminded me of the sugared paper I used to buy as I kid to eat.. You could actually have some sneaky fun with these at parties, just make sure people are watching as you 'obliviously' eat the casing as they all gasp in horror, teehee ;-)

Degustabox have also introduced a new concept to the box that they have called 'Degustabox Fridge' - A full value coupon which you can redeem in most supermarkets. I think this is a fantastic idea as you are technically getting another item included in the box, but one that you have to go and collect yourself. This month it was the 'Moma' breakfast muesli yogurts (worth £2.99). I've yet to redeem mine but can't wait to try this out too!

Overall...This month's box I felt was fairly overpowered by drinks. Given the drinks were varied in all aspects, I would have liked to have seen at least one of these being replaced by another food item. It does of course enable you to sample drinks that maybe you probably would never have chosen otherwise. The food items were varied as always, with both savoury, sweet and something to incorporate into main meals as well. I also like the new addition of the Degustabox Fridge.

You can order your degustabox at Degustabox with a £3 off code on your subscription - PU32T


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