Sunday 2 November 2014

October Beauty Empties

Another month has passed us by in the blink of an eye...
Judging from my empties drawer, October appears to have been a rather quite one in terms of beauty. I seem to have muddled my way through several packs of face wipes and not a lot else... which, whilst I'm on the subject - I know face wipes are quite controversial in the beauty world, and a lot believe they are bad for your skin, but I honestly don't care. I get tired of listening to beauty gurus stating that certain products are fantastic for your skin, then a few years later saying they are the worst things ever. Its the same with food and healthy eating/drinking - One moment alcohol is the worst thing for you, then in another breath, someone states having a few glasses of wine a week is actually good for you. Whatever... I do what works best for me.

Now I've got that out the way with, here are my October empties...

Whish Body Butter - I received this in a beauty box a few months ago. I smelt it and fell in love, The strange thing is, it's lavender scented, which normally I despise as it has that real 'old lady' smell to it. However this took Lavender to a whole new level, I don't know what the hell was in it but whatever it was it was GOOD! So much so that I deliberately held of using it till I went on holiday. I like to have a new scent on holiday so it reminds me of being away once I return. I applied this every day - it sunk in well, my skin felt nourished and extra soft. It's left me wanting more from this brand. I'm loving their packaging as well - all pastels and rather cute!

Elegant Touch Rapid Dry for Nails (with Vitamin E) - I paint my nails.. a lot. This spray definitely speeds up the drying process. The only thing I find with this (and with other nail sprays as well) - it leaves a light oily residue behind, and if you fail to wipe this off and apply another coat of polish, it doesn't apply very well because the spray has acted as a barrier.. little lesson for you there! But again, another item that I wouldn't hesitate in repurchasing.

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hr Wear Foundation - I really don't need to comment on this because this crops up several times in my monthly empties posts. It's a staple foundation in my routine and its been with me for a couple of years now (erm, not this same bottle!) - It provides everything I want in a foundation and I can't see myself stopping using this any time soon.

Sanex Anti-Perspirant Deodorant - I don't stick to the same deodorant, ever. I usually just get whatever is on offer. This came on holiday with me, so obviously I was in hot climate and it didn't fail in doing its stuff. Another deodorant I'd be quite happy in buying again.

Baylis & Harding Lavender Calming Body Wash - What was I saying about Lavender?! I received this in a Christmas gift set and finally got round to using it. It definitely wouldn't be my choice - Not only do I dislike Lavender (I don't think I can say that any more times in this post!) but I'm not a fan of shower gels.. I prefer shower creams as I find them much more luxurious on the skin and easier to handle in the shower. This gel came out in big blobs and soon slid off my soufflé - hence why I dislike gels!

Collection Lasting Finish Concealer - Another staple product of mine. I use this to cover up and blemishes, under the eye to brighten and its an all round budget friendly concealer that seems to stay put all day. My only bug-bear with this is that the writing always rubs off - its happened with every one of these I've owned, and I know it happens to others too, so Collection - if you're reading - sort the typing/ink out.. please! I don't like nameless products in my make-up bag!

Agave Healing Hair Oil -  This little glass beauty came on holiday with me - I love hair oils as opposed to creams, I find them more nourishing for the hair and more manageable once applied. I can't give true comments on this though as this is only 4ml worth. I do know that it helped tame my split ends up and made my hair feel extra soft in the heat.

Skin & Co Sicilian Light Serum - Another beauty subscription item - Again, similar to above, I can't comment too much because this was only 5ml's worth, and also, if I'm being honest, I finished using this a few weeks ago so I honestly can't remember what I thought of it.. whoops! It obviously didn't blow me away though!

Johnsons Baby Wipes - Sorry if you spot any marks on the packed in the photo - they are foundation marks from my hands after applying in a morning - because that's exactly what I use these for - Wiping my hands.

Nivea Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes (x2) - Similar to the deodorant, I grab whatever face wipes are on offer. I think that they are getting ridiculously overpriced now, there average pack being over £3. Luckily though there always seems to be several brands on offer... I never have a problem with Nivea - the size of the face wipe is good, the amount of 'substance' on the face wipe is sufficient enough and (when on offer) they're well priced. They take the first layer of my make-up off well. I can't complain.

Witch Cleaning & Toning Wipes - Perfect size and substance on wipe - My only bug bear with these are that (due to their ingredients) you cannot use them round the eye area, so when I'm feeling extra lazy/tired/zombie-fied ready-to-pass-out-in-bed, these make taking my make-up off just that little more longer. We all know Witch are meant to be pros at clearing those pesky spots up - Luckily my skin hasn't been that bad lately, so I can't honestly comment on this...

Till next time!


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  1. How over priced are face wipes now!!! I do that same and grab what is on offer as well. Great post, good idea reviewing your empties.


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