Sunday 9 November 2014

Review: October's Degustabox

Its that time of the month again.. (no, not that time!). Food delivery time!

This months' box was both exciting and a little disappointing with me. I was excited the fact that there were smaller snack type foods as opposed to ingredients that you'd have to add to in order to make a meal. However more and more I'm noticing that a few of the same brands are being repeated. Dr Oetker is a fine example of this - although a fantastic baking brand, I can imagine those that don't often dabble in baking to become quite dissatisfied with the constant repeats of this brand, all baking related. The Brioche Pasquier brand is also in our box for the second time round - although I've never tried the brioche loaf before, the pain au lait's were a repeat item from last months box. I also received a 'sample sized present' box of cereal of Bear Alphabets, however in my first every degustabox I received a full size box of these, so was a little confused when they were referring to it as a 'sample', after already providing subscribers with it a few months prior. The repeated items are beginning to make me feel a little deflated when I open the box and realise that, actually, not everything is 'new' to try.

However its not all doom and gloom! There were some items that I as glad I saw, especially the enhance drinks - I've seen these knocking around both on the TV and in the shops the last few months and being a huge juice drinker myself, I've been eager to try. The Jelly Belly beans I've often wanted to try in the shops but because I'm not a fan of standard jelly beans, I've always been apprehensive about trying these, so I'm glad I got the chance to in this box! The Kent's Kitchen meal kit also looks exciting.. I love cooking with spices and this 3 tier of goodness will spice up any meal I'm sure! I'm also happy that I could redeem my Degustafridge this time round, but more on that below...

Lets take a closer look...

Solo Marshmallow Creme - £1.99
This is a spreadable sweet marshmallow treat that sounds pretty versatile - it can be used in baking or just straight from the tub! I'm going to get my thinking cap on and decide what I can use this for as I'm rather intrigued!

Special K Cracker Chips - £1.89
These are perfect for people who are trying to be healthy (like me!). They are pretty yummy, flavoursome and a perfect snack. Unlike some crisp packets, you get loads of crackers in here, so perfect for sharing!

Brioche Pasquier sliced loaf - £1.69
I've never had bread from this brand but I'm intrigued.. the recipe provided with this months box includes this bread, so I may, just may, be adventurous!

Benecol Yogurts - £2.59
This was redeemed with my Degustafridge token which is a fairly new concept that Degustabox have introduced. Due to obvious refrigeration reasons, you have to redeem this instore as oppose to Degustabox including it in your box. The last token that was provided by Degustabox I was unfortunately unable to redeem because it could only be accepted in Waitrose or Sainsburys - We don't have a Waitrose local to us and when I popped in Sainsburys they unfortunately did not stock the item. However this time round the token could be redeemed in more accessible supermarkets.
I chose the 'Garden Fruits' pack which includes strawberry, peach, rhubarb and cherry, however there were several other packs to choose from too.

Bear Paws - 55p
These strawberry and apple fruits are yummy for on the go. I think they're pretty good for children as well.

Jelly Belly beans - £2.50
Like I previously said, I've always been intriguied by these. I know for sure I want to try their candles too! There is a guide on the back of the pack which states what colour bean is what flavour. There are some pretty outrageous sounding flavours ('Chocolate pudding' I'm looking at you!) - however the beans scarily taste like chocolate pudding! Its safe to say I definitely had a few favourites in this pack (bubblegum, tutti fruitti, cherry, etc) and a few that I wasn't so keen on, but the good definitely outweighed the bad! I think these would actually make a good guessing game with a friend if you've got a spare half hour to kill!

Get Buzzing Flapjack - £1.30
I tried this earlier and I'm not sure what I think of it - when I hear flapjack I immediately think gooey treacle oats, however due to the nuts and fruit that was added to this, it took the attention away from the flapjack and left me focusing on everything else. I'm actually not too sure what was in mine - possibly brazil nuts along with cranberries.. either way I wasn't too fond of the fruit.

Enhance Drinks (Orange & Passionfruit) - £2.49
These tiny little capsules claim to make 32 drinks - it'll be interesting to see how weak you have to make it to get 32 drinks! Either way, these are so handy for travelling or taking to work with you - This will sit on my desk from next week I think! The taste is pretty refreshing and light.

Blue Dragon Sweet Chilli Sauce - £1.39
I've cooked with these several times in the past and they're always a really tasty sauce to add to your cooking -  you could also use them as a dipping sauce/dressing. Its pretty versatile.. I may make my famous dish with this again soon because I haven't cooked it in a long time!

Alphabites Cereal - (Sample box)
As previously mentioned, I have tried these before and didn't think they were great. They're pretty bland in taste, and although fun for children because of the shaped letters, thats as good as it gets.

Kents Kitchen - £2.50
These 3 little pots claim to be 3 steps away from an authentic restaurant meal.. included are dry spice, liquid cooking sauce and oil... it all looks yummy and I can't wait to try this!

Dr Oetker Dark Chocolate - £2.49
This is ideal for baking, melting into cakes or any other chocolatey concoction you decide to make! I'm not a fan of dark chocolate but I'll see what I can rumble up with this!

Dr Oetker Dark Cocoa Powder - £1.89 (3 sachets)
Again, used predominantly for baking, these handy sachets are pre measured, making baking a whole lot simpler.

Have you tried Degustabox yet? It's a fab way to sample new foods that you wouldn't necessarily pick up on your normal weekly shop. It definitely helps you become adventurous in the kitchen too!

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  1. Great post, I enjoyed this months box but with it being my first it was all new to me. Have you tried your Kents Kitchen meal kit yet? You got a different one to me, would love to try it but yet to find these in the supermarket. My blog post is here if you want to take a look
    Heather x

    1. I haven't tried the Kent's Kitchen meal kit yet, no, although I think its on the menu tonight ;-)
      I'm off to check out your blog now :-)


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