Wednesday 12 November 2014

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I'm a sucker for home accessories and have been ever since I bought my own house over 3 years ago. I'm always on the look out for unique items and ways to store things. I bought this cream birdcage when they first hit the shops a long time ago, but I could never find a use for it. It has a little door at the back but it wasn't really big enough for many things to fit through. Months later, I started again to think about what I could do with this god damn birdcage, when I noticed there was a latch at the top, and the whole top opened up. Safe to say that was the highlight of my day, and ideas began streaming in on what I could finally put in this birdcage!

My boyfriend had bought me a big stash of yankee candles for christmas, and I realised I just had them lying around, not really having a home. A lightbulb came on and within minutes I was filling it with all my candles.

My next dilemma was where do I store it? It has a big hook on the top, so I tried hooking it over my book shelf. I was a bit apprehensive because there was this heavy birdcage full of candles swinging in mid air.. I was frightened it would slowly work its way off the shelf in the night and startle me to death. Luckily several months have since passed and it hasn't moved an inch.

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Sorry - this is a little out of focus!

To spruce it up a bit I stuck some tiny wired lights in, so at night I turn them on and it looks pretty all lit up :-) The other bonus is the fact that it's technically in mid-air - its not using up any work space, perfect!

How do you store your candles?



  1. This looks so good!! I have all my candles and wax tarts stuffed in a cupboard, I need to do something like this.


    1. You should, especially if they are more expensive ones.. (not that I'm a snob or anything :-p) - they may make your room smell nice as well, even if they aren't being burned!

  2. This is such a cute idea! Mine are all just shoved in a basket but feel I should make the most of them on display. Great idea :) x

    1. Definitely get them out on display.. esp if they are more expensive ones.. they may make your room smell nice as well, even if you are not burning them! x


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