Tuesday 30 December 2014

Home Interior: My Festive Fireplace

I think having a fireplace in a living room is like having a bed in a bedroom (did I just say that?!) - It's the main focal point of the room, and one that at Christmas time, you can really have some fun 'dressing' up.

I've included 2 photos below, the first being of my living room 3 years ago - the first Christmas we had in our new house. As you can see, although I didn't go OTT with decorating it, the glow of the roaring fire and flickering candles add a huge amount of cosiness to the room. I like how the Christmas tree sits beside the fire as well. I learnt my lesson from hanging the cards on my marble fireplace... with the heat from the fire they had a tendency to keep falling off... no matter how much blue-tac I used!

Fast forward 3 years and this was my fireplace this Christmas. I wish I put the fire on for this photo (just to add to the cosiness!) but just imagine its on! Obviously with a decor change came a switch around the with Christmas decorations. I went for more shabby chic themed accessories because I'm all for matching!

Unfortunately, due to a new piece of furniture being added to our living room, we had to downsize on our Christmas tree, so had to go for a twig tree (which you can see in this photo!). It's not everyone's cup of tea but its practical, so much simpler (and quicker!) to decorate, as well as put away. It takes up half the space and is something that I could use all year round if I wanted (minus the baubles!). I don't have children yet so I can get away with this type of tree. When children come into the equation I think I'd be forced to drag the 'proper' tree back out and find a space for it in the conservatory instead!

Due to the whole tree situation, I felt like I had to make up with accessories instead as I felt we were lacking that festive feel. Small little additions such as burning some candles, fairy lights and a quick DIY fishbowl vase with some baubles and lights and bingo.. our festive fireplace is complete!

    Did you dress your fireplace up this Christmas?

    This is my entry to the cast fireplaces competition

Festive Fire Competition Entry

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