Thursday 4 December 2014

Review: November's Degustabox

Firstly, I apologise if these photos are bad quality - You know how it is, dark mornings, dark evenings, it means me waiting till the weekend to get half decent lighting, and even then the British weather can't promise that. And I couldn't promise I could hold onto all this till the weekend so bad photos it is!

So here's what I received in this months Degustabox*

Lets take a closer look... 

Cool Dawn Recovery Drink - £1.49 per can
This is the second kind of health related item I have received this month in regards to the party season and drinking. In a recent beauty box I received some Drinkwel tablets which claim to help avoid hangovers. These cans sound like they do a similar thing, but in a drink format as opposed to tablets. They help to prevent and cure hangovers. They contain no stimulants however the flavor sounds intriguing - citrus and liquorice! I very very rarely have a drink, but I do have a Christmas party coming up soon, so if I do happen to over-do it, I am definitely going to try these out because I do suffer with hangovers badly (partly the reason why I rarely drink!).

Holy Cow madras and korma curry sauce - £1.69 per pouch.
These look exciting to try, although they are meant to serve 2 people and I feel like the pouches would serve 1, maybe 1.5, but not to, so I have a feeling we'll be scrimping on sauce here.

Montano Italian Cider - £2.79
As previously mentioned, I'm not a huge drinker so it'll probably be my boyfriend that trials this out for me. I will say that it appears to be well priced considering the size of the bottle. I shall report back!

Kettle Chips in 'Salsa & Mesquite' - £2.19
I don't often opt for Kettle Chips, purely because they are on the more expensive side of crisps, however when I have had them in the past I've always liked their good quality goodness that they offer. This particular flavor is part of their limited edition Christmas range. I think I would have preferred the other flavor that was on offer (Stilton & Port) but this was still ok. I liked it the first time I opened the packet, however when I revisited the bag a day later my taste buds were no longer fond of the flavours, so I probably wouldn't repurchase this bag. The size of the bags are great for sharing though during a film!

Kent's Kitchen Stir in Flavour Shots (BBQ) - £1.85
I've seen these round the shops but never purchased any - Consistency wise they remind me of jelly, but obviously melt when you pop them in a pan. I've used one of these and it gave my chicken a nice flavor, not too overpowering, but not too weak. I like how these are not messy to cook with. There are a variety of flavours to choose from and you aren't forced to use them just with chicken.. be adventurous!

Branston Caramelised onion chutney - £1.50
New to the range, this chutney is probably best served with cheeses this Christmas, or used as a dip. Degustabox provided a recipe this month that includes using this (Sausage & Caramelised Onion Hot Pot) which I am cooking on Sunday.

Pip Organic Apple Juice - £1.50
These cute little bottles are perfect to take to work with me. I love apple juices and the fact that these are organic with no added sugar or preservatives they're great for the body too!

Chai Latte spiced tea (Sample Present)
I'm no fan of spiced tea.. I have a massive handful of these type of teabags in my cupboard and I know they're never going to get used (I really must throw them out!). I've tried so many different types of tea, chamomile, fruit tea, spiced tea, and I dislike all of them. Good ol' traditional English tea for me please!

Lindt - Lindor My Melting Moment - 65p each
You can't really go wrong with Lindor chocolate.. these used to be No1 on my chocolate list, however I think I ate one too many at Christmas a few years ago so they dropped in my favourite list! I still do love them, and these 5 packets didn't last 24hrs. A fab naughty treat to stick in your bag over Christmas time!

Overall, was I impressed with this months box? Not overly... Degustabox seem to struggle to get a nice equal mix of items - and this time (as with a few previous boxes) they've seem to gone overkill on the drinks side of things again. 4 out of 9 items were drink-related.
Thankfully there were no baking products in this months box as that was beginning to get a little repetitive. The snack section was ok but I just feel they need to broaden their horizon's a bit and think outside the box a little. I appreciate there is only so much you can fit in one box, and also you have to take into account the freshness of things as well as items that require constant chilling.
I also feel that if they are struggling to find brands to work with them, then the items that they do  have to work with, they'll include duplicates to bulk out the box (i.e. 5 lindt chocolates, 2 apple juices, etc). This seems to happen a lot.

If they really got their name out there they could be onto good things, it can happen but I guess these things require time and effort.

I still love receiving my monthly box.. its like Christmas, but every month!

For more information on Degustabox please see the links below:
If you want to subscribe to Degustabox, enter this code at checkout to receive a £3 discount upon subscribing: IF0FJ
Are you subscribed to Degustabox? What did you think to this month's box?


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