Wednesday 10 December 2014

Christmas Bath Time with Lush | Christmas Pud

This bath bomb I know would have been even more great if I hadn't cut it in half (y'know.. to make it last longer..). I watched a demo of this on Lush's website and thought it was fab how different colours shot out at all different angles. However due to cutting mine, it fell apart, so I didn't quite get the same effect, however it still fizzed away in my bath and created a pretty array of colours, eventually turning my water a delightful colour of pink.. bright pink.

The smell was delish - so sweet and just.. yummy. I remember sitting in the bath and it took me a good 10 minutes before I realised that my water was filled with this gorgeous shimmer glitter effect, although it tended to be 'in' the water, as opposed to just sat on the surface. It was so pretty and I then felt like I was sat in a princess' bath! Luckily the shimmer didn't cling to the skin upon getting out of the bath (I think that would have been a bit too much for me!)

The holly that sat on top of the bath bomb I removed from the water before getting in. Simply because I initially wondered 'what that black thing' was that was lurking on the surface of the bath.. after sieving it out I soon realised it was the holly.. however it had now turned into slimy gunk, but luckily it was only small so could be sieved out. I liked the whole idea of it to look at though before using the bath bomb. You can't have a christmas pud without holly, right?!

Overall, I really liked the effect this gave to the water, the scent was right up my street and if I hadn't cut it in half then I think the display would have been fantastic to watch.

Whats your favourite Christmas bath bomb from Lush?


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  1. I really need to try some more Lush! Love the colours of this one, think I'll have to add it to my list.

    Lovely post,

    X Emma |


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