Friday 12 December 2014

Time for Tea with Royal Albert

Ever since I started having afternoon tea on a fairly regular basis, I've become rather partial to pretty crockery, in particular floral teacups. I have recently fell in love with Royal Albert, in particular the Mirander Kerr collection which hugely satisfies my love for pretty floral things. Unfortunately the majority is out my budget, and this would definitely be one of those 'special' presents that I'd only ask for as a gift on special occasions. One teacup is approximately £25... it nearly killed me spending £5 on a floral mug from Dunelm a few weeks back, never mind quadruple that price!

Until those special occasions, or that day that I'm gonna win the lottery (did I never tell you about that?).. this is my dream wishlist.. I chose my favourites out of a huge bunch..
Royal Albert
Cute huh?
Do you own anything from this collection?

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  1. I love a
    L of these too :) especially the cake stand, and the bottom blue teapot :) xx


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