Tuesday 23 December 2014

Christmas at Home ♥

The run-up to Christmas has felt a bit strange for me.. Sometimes I'm in festive mode, then other times I feel a bit deflated about the whole thing. Maybe it's cos I'm working right up until Xmas Eve, maybe its cos I haven't got children, so at 29yrs old, as you can imagine the excitement of Christmas has pretty much gone.

This year for Christmas we have a new addition to our living room furniture wise. This has taken the place of where the Christmas tree usually goes so we've had to down-size on our tree and resort to a twig tree. I really like how this looks, but lets face it, it doesn't ooze Christmas like a proper huge green bushy tree!

I've completely changed the colour scheme in our living room as well so being a bit OCD, I had to have christmas decs to match, so I'm lacking the traditional Christmas colours, instead sticking with whites, silvers and the odd glimmer of blue.

I've tried to accessorize our living room as much as possible in order to make up for the fact that we haven't got a 'proper' tree. I do like the result but I still feel like Christmas looks like its lacking a little in our household this year!

A lot of people have these twig tree's plain, but more so because its an extra tree for them. However, because for us, this is our main tree, I felt it needed some baubles on to bling it up a little, however I was selective with what I popped on, knowing weight would be an issue with the branches. I do however love the baubles that I have managed to pick up this year, spending a little bit more than usual! Oops!

This fishbowl was a quick DIY project - I needed a way to inject a bit of colour so put a load of blue and silver baubles in this bowl along with some battery-operated fairy lights and bingo!

I've had this tray of candles on my fireplace nearly all year and I've never lit these pillar candles, however now its Christmas I've decided to light them a bit more. I've added a few unused baubles on this tray too. In the right hand corner you may see a pot tea light house. I found this in The Range for £4.99 and think it looks so cute with a candle in at night time. It makes it look like there's someone living in the house and all the lights are on as the candle flickers through the windows!

This pastel stocking garland I do love, however because of the colours it reminds me of something that belongs in a children's nursery. The colours go perfectly with my living room though!

My mum gave us these coloured fairy lights, so I put them to use over our sideboard (this is the culprit that stole the Christmas tree's spot!). I've placed them ontop of white tinsel which makes it sparkle at night. The silver glitter 'Merry Christmas' wooden garland I ideally wanted on the wall, however my boyfriend refused to put nails in the wall so I hung it on here instead.

These ceramic 'baubles' I love, but again, due to their weight were too heavy to go on the tree so I hung them over this picture frame instead.


Are you all ready for Christmas?!


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