Thursday 22 January 2015

January's Birchbox - 'Hit Refresh'

With it being a new year, this month's birchbox was based on health, fitness and wellbeing.
Kick starting your body and mind and getting it back to a healthy state after a few weeks of indulging!

HealGel (RRP £39.50). This lotion is packed with anti-inflammatory ingredients to calm and regenerate skin. Its the type of gel I'd probably take on holiday with me... I've got a lot of moisturisers piling up that claim to do a similar thing, so this product didn't excite me too much.

Caudalie VinoPerfect Radiance Serum (RRP £45) - I've tried one (possibly 2) Caudalie products before and I've loved them - especially the SOS serum (in fact I'm debating purchasing that if I can justify spending that amount of money on skincare!). I've already tried this a few times but it unfortunately hasn't blown me away yet.

Philip Kingsley Body Building Condition (RRP £19) - I've yet to try this, but I'm probably going to save it for a night away somewhere as my hair annoyingly needs washing almost every day now. This conditioner claims to transform lifeless locks and seal flyaways.

Activbod Shower Concentrate - I knew from the packaging that this was going to be a cheapie, it RRPs at a mere £5 so I wasn't overwhelmed with this item, although I guess its not always about the price! But from a subscription box I expect a little more than a £5 product. This shower gel has sea minerals and green tea mixed with almond oil, which sounds.. different!

Stila Lip Glaze (RRP £15). Honestly? I'm not a fan of lip glosses and haven't been for a few years. I find them sticky, stringy and just uncomfortable on the lips. Although I love the sheen this gives to the lips, it still ticks all the boxes I have just mentioned. I've been using this most days, just to get rid I think...

Pilates Band (RRP £7.99) - I need to look up some tutorials on how to use this because this confuses me no end!

Embrace Matcha green tea (RRP - £24.99) - I'm not green tea drinker, or herbal or flavoured tea drinker for that matter, however I've finally found a few work colleagues who appreciate these kind of tea's, so I'll be popping this in their stash, along with a load of others I've already given them!

All in all, this box didn't blow me away. I think now I've been receiving beauty boxes for almost 4 years I feel the novelty has kinda worn off a little. However I think I would miss it if I unsubscribed because I do look forward to knowing I've got my birchbox coming, even though I'm always a little deflated upon opening... I may have a go at switching my subscription around to something else that I still enjoy.. like a crafts subscription! If anyone knows of any, please do tell!


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