Saturday 10 January 2015

Review: December's Degustabox

Sorry this is a little late going up - everything got a bit busy with Christmas (which already seems like a lifetime ago!)

I'm going to start by saying how I love special little touches to things, which highlights how easily pleased I am at times.. but not only did the inside font colour change from green to red this month, but the box came with a festive sticker too.. the small things...


Lets take a closer look...

The Premium GlowWorm drinks I'd never heard of before - they were meant to be mixers for any alcoholic drinks one may consume over Christmas, but with me not being a bit drinker, and especially not in the home, I knew these wouldn't get used. I actually drank these alone, without any alcohol, and they were pretty tasty! There were 4 different flavours, each designed to mix with certain alcohol. I think I mixed a couple with some Robinson's juice that I had and it gave a pretty tasty drink!
The Bahlsen caramel and milk chocolate biscuits went down a treat - give me anything chocolatey (besides dark!) and I'll be a happy girl.. I wouldn't hesitate buying these in my weekly shop.
Oats/Chia - This pack came with a packet of oats with berries, and the idea is to sprinkle the chia seeds over the top. Unfortunately I was trying to be clever one day and guess the amount of water required, instead of measuring. I guessed wrong and the oats were reluctant to soak up the water, so I had to throw it out.
Eisberg Alcohol Free wine - I completely forgot I had this at Christmas, otherwise I probably would have opened it. It's still sat chilling in my fridge so I'm intrigued to know what this tastes like...
Barbecue Pop chips - These didn't see the light of day. So yummy and moreish! They were like mini poppadoms, but thicker and flavoured, and a lot more healthier! (although probably not if you have the whole bag to yourself!). Perfect for sharing in the cinema!
Bonne Maman orange marmalade - Unfortunately I'm not a marmalade fan. Is it wrong that I got more excited over the packaging of this than the actual product?! (I love the vintage style lid!)

Pukka clean green tea - These are some healthy tea herbs which everyone seems to be jumping on the band wagon for, but they just don't float my boat. I've tried all types of tea and dislike pretty much all of them except typical English tea. I might bring these to work with me and let people help themselves to them in the staff kitchen.
Kents Kitchen Brazilian Moqueca Capixaba - I got excited about this because I received another of their products a few months prior and really liked it, however my boyfriend went to use this a few days ago and realized it was in fact for a fish dish, which we don't cook often, and if we do its usually fresh fish by itself with salad/potatoes, not mixed in with sauce and herbs, so I'm not really sure if this will ever get used.
Fry Light Chilli Oil - This is right up my street. I love experimenting with flavours, and although its a fairly hard flavor to cook with (depending on the dish), I'm still excited to try this. I've just purchased the normal Fry Light, so this will make a nice change every now and then.

Do you receive Degustabox? If you want to treat yourself this year and subscribe to this monthly food subscription then head over to their website now!


  1. I'm still really intrigued by Degustabox - think I might have to give it a go this year! I hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Years Kate. xx


  2. Those biscuits are my fave!


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