Sunday 1 March 2015

My Slimming World Journey - 2 Months In

It's that time again! My monthly SW overview!

Weight Loss/Gain

Week 1: Unfortunately this week I had transport issues so was unable to get to Slimming World. I was a bit gutted because 1. I have paid 6 weeks upfront so I technically paid for a session without attending. And 2 - I felt like my mission had been interrupted and it was out of my control. However, this week was 'Star Week' (that time of the month!) so I wasn't expecting a huge loss anyway (if anything!).
Week 2: -1.5 lbs
Week 3: Maintained
Week 4: -- Did not Attend

Total weightloss from start = 10lbs


Week one  Considering this was star week, I felt like I took good control over it. At Slimming World, they expect women to have the 'munchies' over star week - I can't say I've ever over-ate during this time of the month, but then because I always used to overeat no matter what time of the month, it was probably never distinguishable. I did feel however that I was slowly letting things slip. I was still sticking to my HEX B's for breakfast, and my free foods etc, but I was pushing it a little regarding the syns. Lunchtimes at work I noticed I was still feeling hungry after my fruit, so I'd have a Go Ahead bar (which needs to be syned), but instead of just having one, I'd then go back and have another. I never went massively over the top but I knew on a few days I definitely went over my daily allowance. I had another meal out this week but I chose wisely, and went with a jacket potato with chicken and BBQ bacon topping. The only 'syn-able' item on my plate was the BBQ sauce, so all was good. I also baked my first SW pudding - a carrot cake (see photos below) - It was actually really tasty and so moist - it kept for days and even Mike liked it.. bonus!
Week Two My first weigh in of the month and I'd lost 1.5lb in 2 weeks, so it's quite clear my weight loss is beginning to plateau due to lack of exercise, that along with letting things slip a little. This week I did however refuse a good ol' 'chippy from the chip shop. It was also Valentines day so ...... After my weigh in, knowing I had 2 weeks to lose 4lb in order to receive my 'prize' from Mike for reaching a stone (10 Lush bath bombs!) I tried a little harder than I had the previous week or so.
Week Three  As the weeks pass by in February I'm noticing I'm putting less and less effort into this whole weight loss thing. I have good and bad days. I'm not going massively over the top and I am still at the point of saying no to naughty take-away foods (i.e. chip shop chips, McDonalds etc), but regarding my syns, I'm not obsessively counting them.. I take a vague guess in my head, and I do attempt to stop when I think I'm at my limit however some days I just think 'stuff it'. I've noticed that I've been really hungry this week, which isn't good. I was that hungry at work a few days ago that I couldn't bare to just eat the fruit that I had bought with me that day, so I went to a supermarket and purchased a sandwich with a naughty filling, a Cadbury's crème egg and a giant bag of wotsits. Guilt then kicks in so I try and have a really good tea and then do some exercise. I haven't had a meal plan set up for the past 2 weeks which hasn't done me any favours, so I'm cooking things off the top of my head as soon as I get in from work, and that's where it starts to go wrong, so I know I need to go right back to basics next week and get all my SW books out and make sure I'm doing this properly.
Week Four I feel like this week has gone completely out the window in terms of SW. For the most part, I'm ok at lunch time because I bring my meals to work with me and if I do have to go to the shop for lunch, I've trained myself to buy fruit. However! I also got back on plan with a tea time schedule, and went back to basics and cooked a few SW meals from scratch, something that I had noticed that I had stopped doing. However a few days ago I got in from work and really didn't want to cook the tea I had planned, so I pigged out and went over my syns by quite a lot, simply because I was starving. I also went out for tea last night, and although I picked a healthy option, I also had a pudding and also a naughty treat at the cinema afterwards. However on the flip side, I have joined a gym! I have been against joining a gym because I didn't want to waste my money because I feel like I can do exercise at home. However my dad (of all people!) has been really insistent on joining a gym (he travels a lot so when he's back in the country I think he wants to keep fit) - Long story short - because he wouldn't let it drop, I ended up being talked into going. I'm about to go tonight for the 3rd time in less than a week, and I'm burning off approximately 250-300 kcals per session, so I'm good with that. Hopefully this will counteract all the naughty foods that I've been eating!

Meal Inspiration     - Here's some of what I've been eating this month...

Clockwise from top left - SW Carrot Cake - Fruit Salad at work - Jacket Potato with a chicken and bacon BBQ topping (stole this idea from a restaurant and tasted so good!) - One of my HEX B's - SW Caribbean Pepperpot Stew (This was also v.tasty).

Overall Thoughts/What I've Learnt

This month has been a lot harder than last month. My willpower is starting to slip in places, and by not cooking SW meals for nearly 2 weeks running, I've noticed it in the fact that my weight has maintained. However when I do cook SW meals from scratch, they've become a lot easier and less time consuming - practice makes perfect! In the last week of this month I took it upon myself not to attend my SW group, simply because I got on my own scales and knew that I had maintained, so I saw it as a waste of money. However I think a bit of this has something to do with the fact that I no longer go to group with my friend (basically she wasn't in the right frame of mind to do SW so quit). On a positive note, I've joined a gym - something which has never really interested me - I've been to gyms on and off for the past 6yrs and I'm never dedicated enough however because the gym I go to is huge and really laid back it encourages me to go (not to mention my dad who is pestering me to go every other day!). I'm trying not to set myself targets anymore because 90% of the time I never achieve them in regards to weight loss, however I will set myself a smaller and a lot more achievable target of wanting to have lost 1 stone by the end of March. I have a family party in a few weeks so that is this month's aim.

SW Journey 1 month in

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  1. Congratulations on your weightloss, that's an awesome amount! I've really taken to Alpen Light bars, they're such a good snack on the go as I rarely have time to eat breakfast at home :)

    Milly // Mini Adventures


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