Sunday 9 August 2015

Afternoon Tea at Bunty's, Lincoln.

Yesterday we took a day out to Lincoln, mainly so I could complete my holiday clothes stash. If you are a frequent reader of my channel you will know I've become a bit of an afternoon tea pro, and have made it my mission to have it on every new city I visit. Lincoln is of course not new to me (I lived there for 5 years whilst at University) but I realized we've never experienced afternoon tea there before, so as a spontaneous last minute decision and a quick search on my phone, we ended up at Bunty's on steep hill.

This is the cutest little vintage tea shop I have probably ever been in. I've experienced pretty little shabby chic tea shops before, but this was like stepping back in time without the artificial-ness!

The café was pretty tight in terms of space (although I do think there was extra seating upstairs), however the closeness made it cosy, which I can imagine to be really nice in the winter. Although small, you weren't sat on top of each other and the tables were nicely spaced apart to give you privacy. We were seated in a little nook under some stairs on the upper tier of the café. The table was adorned with vintage black & white photographs placed underneath the glass which occupied us whilst we waited for our food!

We were given a choice of 2 sandwich fillings which is very unusual, all the typical fillings were listed except salmon, which didn't bother me as that's my least favourite! I chose Egg Mayonaise and Mike chose Tuna Mayonaise, very original but nice. We also got to choose if we wanted fruit or plain scones, again, which was to Mike's advantage as he doesn't like fruit scones, so we went for one of each. And lastly we were able to pick from an array of homemade cakes. I went for lemon and Mike chose the white chocolate and raspberry.

When the drinks arrived the crockery and teapot was very vintage, nothing matched (which I believe was deliberate, and added to the effect). I noticed each tables teapots were different, and some were rather was nice knowing that they had a lot of history attached to them.

When the food arrived, the sandwiches were surrounded by tomatoes and cucumber, and a pile of crisps. The scones accompanied by fresh clotted cream and jam, and the cake slices were huge (that huge that I couldn't finish mine off, which is unlike me!). I also loved the little touches.. a Cath Kidston-esque mini flag on one of the scones, and a fresh piece of lavender that sat alongside the cakes, with a little 'bunty's tea room' ribbon wrapped round - sometimes its the small touches that make the experience seem a whole lot better.

The service was great and the staff seemed really genuine and friendly. For £22, I'd definitely recommend, and I'll be visiting again, if not for whole afternoon tea, then definitely just to sample some more cake!

Where are your best haunts for afternoon tea?


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  1. Mmm this looks gorgeous, I am yet to experience the true delights of afternoon tea but hopefully very soon. I am an avid lover of tea and cake (I can't get more British...) so this would make me very happy! Great post. :)

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