Friday 30 October 2015

Photo Diary | Florida 2015 | Day 12 - 14

My last Disney run down! For those that have missed my previous ones, day 1 - 3, day 4 - 7, and day 8 - 11.

Day 12 was a day I had been looking forward to for sometime. We took the 1.5hr drive to St Petesburg, a place that is close to my heart and has a lot of nostalgic memories from when I was a child (this is where we used to stay whenever we visited Florida). I just love the place and I can't begin to tell you the atmosphere that this place has, but its one that makes you feel at ease. No one seems to care what you look like, no one is into fashion, this place definitely lacks that cosmopolitan feel to it, but its great. So much so, that I went in the sea. My body hasn't touched water in public for almost 7 years (no swimming pools, no spa's, no oceans, nothing), simply because I'm conscious of my weight. However I went in, and it felt SO liberating. The beaches are so vast they are derelict, because everyone is not crowded into one little spot. We were in the sea almost 1hr, and only 2 people walked passed us the whole time we were in there (I was sat mostly in the bay so I knew!). We had lunch in a restaurant that we visited 2 years ago - it sits right on the beach so it has ocean views and as you walk off the decking your feet hit the sand. Ahh... I think I've just taken myself back!

Day 13 we had yet another laid back chill out day. We ventured in and out of souvenir shops down International Drive, trying to grab some last minute presents. I found a $20 note on the floor which was a nice little addition to my spending! We caught a boat from The Boardwalk and ventured into Hollywood Studios to finally watch Fantasmic. This show ended with all the Disney characters on a boat, waving as they disappeared into the night air. Quite symbolic considering it was our last night, and such a great way to end our stay.  

Day 14 we spent the morning packing the last remnants of our case. We popped to see my mum (they weren't leaving till the following day). We had lunch with them then off to the airport it was!


I hope you've enjoyed my holiday diary! I'm hoping to get some holiday footage up soon so stay tuned for that! 

I've also just been on a mini weekend break, so I'll have some more travel diaries coming soon!
Are you going anywhere soon? Let me know in the comments! I love a bit of travel talk!

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