Tuesday 3 November 2015

October's Best Bits

Looking over October on my Instagram, I felt like I had quite a busy social life (for once!) - the majority of it revolved around food, of course. So I thought I'd share with you some October delights...

From left, clockwise - I met with an old friend and had a catch up over tapas. I had a 'luxury hot chocolate' in a little teashop that I used to regularly visit whilst at work last winter (it became lethal both on the bank balance and waist line!). I indulged in a pistachio and pear cheesecake in a hotel in Derbyshire. I had the best afternoon tea in Matlock (more on that to come). I experienced a new tapas restaurant that has recently opened up with a friend, then I indulged in some lemon meringue with another friend! Not all on the same night, of course! Phew! What a lot of food! Dining out is definitely up there with one of my favourite pastimes!

Now minus the food!
Left to Right
Row 1 - I enjoyed a rare work night out with friends on Halloween - A little trip to Lush got me experimenting with new products which I can't wait to try! - My Freaky Doll's face close up!
Row 2 - It's become a ritual to treat myself to a Lush bath each Sunday. Now the nights are getting colder, I'm wanting more and more baths, and I love relaxing in them with a few candles lit and a book - 1 of 2 Thank You cards that 'my' students kindly got me as a thank you for being their supervisor during their placement. Its nice to know you're appreciated sometimes - Trying out the cable cars in Matlock! Don't.Look.Down!
Row 3 - Enjoying a hot chocolate with some pretty impressive views in Matlock - Scarefest at Alton Towers! - Our hotel's cute restaurant conservatory. They cooked the most spectacular food in here. I swear Gordon Ramsey was behind those closed doors!

Did you have a busy October?

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