Tuesday 24 November 2015

Top 5 Tips on How to get the most out of your day

In todays world, everything is so fast paced. We rush from one place to the next, running errands, going to work, travelling, sorting out children, having a social life, doing housework, catching up on social media, as well as all the other bits in between such as exercising, eating, sleeping...the list goes on, and before we know it, another day has gone in the blink of an eye and it starts all over again.

We all know that we should take time out for ourselves, for our health and wellbeing if nothing else, however sometimes, for whatever reason, its just not viable..
I once read a quote that said 'Beyoncé has just as many hours in her day as we do'. Insert any famous successful person in there but the outcome will be the same. Every human being on this planet has 24 hours in their day.

Although I don't have children, I still feel like I have a lot to 'keep up with' once my working day is over. Social media is the bane of my life! And I'm not talking sitting at the end of a computer talking for hours to a friend. I'm talking sitting there for hours searching for ways to improve my life, ways to improve my blog, to promote it, doing my hobbies, and so on...

As time has progressed, I've learnt little techniques to ensure I pack as much as I can into my day, so I'm ending it feeling pretty satisfied. Some of these tips will be so obvious but sometimes we just need a little reminder.

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1. Multi Task. Us women are meant to be pros in this, so make use of it! Gone were the days when I used to sit at my dressing table blow-drying my hair. Now I'm stood up, hair dryer in one hand, and tidying my dressing room up with the other. I use my washing the pots time as a time to catch up on my favourite vloggers on Youtube. Whilst I'm waiting in a queue, I will promote my blog via twitter, or enter a few competitions. Multi tasking gives me a strange buzz - almost like I'm sticking 2 fingers up at 'time' (if it was ever a person!) and showing him that I'm taking advantage.
2. Become an early riser. I don't have any problem in getting up at 8am on a Saturday, in fact I love it because I feel like I'm squeezing an extra hour out of a Saturday morning that wouldn't usually be there (I do sometimes like to get out of bed at 9am). Obviously try not to neglect your sleep though, on average our bodies need 7-8hrs sleep a day. If you are one of those that likes a lay-in till lunchtime on a weekend, but moan that there isn't enough hours in the day, maybe try thinking about reducing your lay-in by an hour or so...
3. Catch up through lunch hour at work. I only have a 30 minute lunch break, but I use this time wisely. I like to take time out from the office where there are no distractions, and just catch up on emails, social media etc, whilst I'm eating.
4. Reduce time doing other tasks. This is all about prioritising. If there's a film on the TV, but you've already seen it and have it on DVD, don't waste your time watching it. Do something productive! (like housework!)
5. Split tasks between your other half. If you live with a partner and you both work full time, make sure the tasks are split fairly equally instead of you doing 90% of the house chores. Its only fair, and that way you'll have more 'me' time.

Have you got any tips on squeezing as much out of life as possible? Let me hear them!

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