Friday 15 January 2016

Pink Parcel Subscription Box Review

Way back when beauty subscription boxes first came out, I was there, and I was one of the subscribers of the first ever Glossy Box. Since then, I've had my fair share of beauty subscriptions - I stuck with Glossy for 3 years. 2 years in I dabbled with a few others, some I forget the name of now (I don't even think some of them exist any more!). I then had Glossy Box and Birchbox running alongside each other for approx. 1 year, because I'm greedy like that. I then became the responsible adult and decided to cancel one of my subscriptions, for money saving purposes. Glossy Box unfortunately didn't make the cut, so Birchbox became my new monthly friend for the next couple of years. That was until late December 2015, when the New Year was fast approaching, and I decided to start making little plans in my head (as you do). My beauty stash was getting beyond a joke, and I struggled to keep up. No matter how many little city breaks I went on, armed with sample sized products, I just couldn't seem to get my stash down. Not only was I running out of storage but I was worried that the more 'older' products were getting close (if not beyond) their 'sell by' date. Also, even though I absolutely loved getting goodies through the post every month, beauty products just wasn't exciting me as much as it once used to (Christ, the age factor is kicking in!). I knew I didn't want to give up my monthly present through the door, but at the same time, I couldn't continue with all these beauty items. Brainwave - why not try a different theme of subscription box!? Doh!

After trawling through sites, reviews and prices, I finally settled on The Pink Parcel - a monthly subscription box that caters for women's 'needs' at 'that time of the month'. Not only that, but it provides women with monthly pick-me-ups around 'that time'. Sorry if this is TMI but I suffer quite badly with my periods, something seems to have happened in the past 12-18 months and I feel its gradually getting worse as I'm getting older. On the first morning of my period, I suffer with bad stomach churning cramps that leave me unsettled, unable to sleep and irritable, simply because I can't stay still because of the pain. I'm also up and down to the toilet and its not pleasant! This usually lasts a full morning but once its over, everything settles down and I plod through it as normal. This year I've told myself I'm getting on top of it - I've invested in some Anadin tablets that are specifically designed to combat period pains, and if that doesn't solve it, I may go to the doctors. Anyway! To make these episodes a little more pleasant (if that's even possible), I thought I'd invest in The Pink Parcel.

Wow, just wow is all I can say. Inside this large long grey box came 4 smaller boxes as well as a velvet drawstring bag, all clearly labelled what each one is for.

Of course I went straight for the 'for you' box and I was SO impressed with what I found inside, and all I could think was 'and this is only part of it..' I'm still getting my beauty products, but on a smaller scale. Some stationary was also included (which is another huge tick for me, who doesn't love stationary!?) 3 cute little notepads, these will definitely come in handy! I also received an interesting test tube full of vanilla and almond tea from The London Tea Club. I'm not usually a fan of flavoured tea, I've tried so many in the past and disliked them all but ahhh, this was so nice with a little sugar and milk. I'm even debating sending for some more! A cute little packet of sweets were also included which were gone before you could say boo! (Ok, not quite, but you get the idea...). I also received a gorgeous eye shadow from BellaPierre (honestly, its the prettiest shade of silver/white with a gorgeous shimmer to it.. great for any parties!). A lipstick was also included, however unfortunately the shade didn't suit me one bit (it was too nude!), however this is the only item I wouldn't get any use from. There was also a Skin Balm that is used on dry skin and skin conditions and a sachet of coconut & almond butter that could be used on toast/in shakes etc. I popped it in with my chocolate slimfast to give myself those extra nutrients! On top of this was a small tube of Vichy cream for problematic skin. Phew! What a lot of stuff!

The other boxes were filled with sanitary towels from Always. The box labelled 'For Bedtime' were filled with 'bedtime' sanitary towels, the drawstring bag was filled with a couple of normal sized towels plus small panty liners, the 'for later' is a further stock of towels, and the 'down there' box included a pack of wipes to keep yourself clean & fresh! There appeared to be more towels included than what is included in a typical pack of Always sanitary towels, so there's plenty to keep you going! There has been so many times over the years that I've had to send Mike off to the shop to buy me a pack because I've 'come on' and haven't been prepared!

I don't think I have to say it anymore but I'm super impressed. I was a little anxious about completely giving up my beauty products for a box like this, but this has just confirmed that my decision was the right choice. I'm definitely getting the best of both worlds, plus more! I love the fact that both beauty, food and stationary is included, along with those monthly essentials! Perfect, just perfect! I do imagine that I may not always get stationary/food items, but I'm excited to see how they mix it up each month!

For those that are thinking of subscribing - you can choose between sanitary towels and tampons, whichever works best for you. Also upon subscribing, they will ask you when your period is usually due to start - this will help them predict when to send the box out to you so you receive it in time for your cycle. You even get a few delivery dates to choose from. I received mine way too early, so I will be adjusting my delivery date for next month. Trial and error, trial and error! I received the first box for only £7.95, which is great! After your initial box the price then increases to £12.99 (inc P&P) but I still think this is good compared to other subscription boxes.

Have you ever tried Pink Parcel?


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