Sunday 10 January 2016

Snap a Sunset

If there's one view I love whilst on holiday it has to be a sunset. I've found myself timing restaurant bookings on the beach before whilst on holiday, just so I can eat and enjoy the sun setting at the same time. I've also been known to leave a meal half way through in Florida, to rush onto the sand and take some snaps. Not only does it make for a perfect picture, but it helps me to reflect on life - it symbolizes the close of one day, and that another one, full of new adventures, is about to begin.

Every new place I visit, the sunset is an obligatory photo. I took a last minute Autumn break to Puerto De La Cruz in Tenerife in 2014 with my boyfriend to grab some last minute sunshine before the English winter kicked in. We arrived at our hotel and the first thing I noticed was the most amazing view from our balcony I think I'd ever had in a hotel. We were high on the cliffs on a corner, and had swooping views of the vast ocean that was so close. I remember sitting on our balcony at every opportunity, just to indulge in the scenery that little bit more. I did my make-up out there, we played games out there, and just sat and chatted for hours over drinks, I just couldn't get enough! And even when we weren't on our balcony, laying on the bed and glancing out of the floor-to-ceiling windows still gave a perfect view of the ocean. I really can't think of a more perfect view to wake up to!

Here is the view from our balcony by day. The small rocky area to the right of the photo I'm still not quite sure the purpose of it, however I loved watching the waves crash against it!

This was the same view by night. I love the contrast of colours in this sunset and how the ocean looks rather cold and mysterious. I also love the silhouette of the paraglider returning to land...

Does the sunset evoke emotions for you too?
This is my entry to Olympic's #SnapASunset competition


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