Tuesday 29 March 2016

February's Degusta Box: Review

For those frequent readers that read my blog on a regular basis, you'll know the drill with Degustabox*, however for those that don't - imagine a beauty box, but instead of beauty products, you receive a stash of food every month that's usually worth over £20. What's even better, I can give you a code at check-out to receive a box for just £6! Stay tuned til the end of this post..

February was a good 'un for me. That has nothing to do with the sweet and savoury treats that were included, honest.

The box included 2 pots of Hartleys jelly (RRP 50p each). I always grab a stash of these when I'm dieting - I find them a really good (but healthy!) sweet treat. Me and my niece had a picnic at the weekend (an indoors one, mind!) and we both had a pot of this jelly - its as sweet and wobbly as I remember! Within the box also came 2 pots of fruit & jelly, again, perfect for a lunchtime treat.

There's always one product that's not going to be for everyone in any box, and for me, this was the 'Nothing But' packs of freeze dried fruit and veg. I've never been a fan of these dried fruits, I just dislike the taste and texture, and think fruit and veg should be ate fresh at all times! Sorry DB!

These Mr Kipling slices are very handy and convenient. Having 4 in a pack for £1.49 is great - almost 1 a day for every day at work. I was a little apprehensive about the flavour ('Cranberry and Orange'), however they were surprisingly nice. I popped them in my bag when we went away for the weekend a few weeks ago. A nice little on-the-go treat.

Beloved date bars (59p each) - If I'm completely honest, these are still sat in my cupboard. I think its the date aspect of it that's putting me off eating them, as I dislike dates. I really do need to try these out though!

J20 (£2.49). Any soft drink in a glass bottle is good enough for me, and these didn't disappoint. These were again, brought along with me for our weekend away, and we enjoyed them whilst kicking back on the sofa in our hotel room. Slightly carbonated, but not too gassy with a lovely fruity kick. I love J20's and tend to opt for this when I'm out.

Sarsons Vinegar (70p) - Well, what can I say about a bottle of vinegar? Apart from this being a limited edition one that features Fish n Chip characters, I cannot distinguish between a good and bad vinegar, they all taste the same to me..

'Berry' VitHit juice (£1.80) - Unfortunately I didn't like this one bit. I was expecting some fruity goodness, however the taste was so bland with a strange kick, and something I really didn't enjoy.

The London Crisp Company (£2.29). Mike and I shared this huge pack when watching a film. They were thick and packed full of flavour, and so very moreish! They reminded me a little of Kettles chips, especially in texture. I definitely wouldn't hesitate in purchasing these.

Nurtibix (£3.79) - This wholegrain cereal is very similar to Weetabix, but so much more tastier! Using coconut, honey and 'the ancient grain Sorghum' gives it a much better taste and something I definitely wouldn't hesitate in buying again. I've really enjoyed having these for my breakfast!

Ritz crisp & thin (£2.19) - These were great for dipping.. They're thin in texture but great to nibble on when you want a light snack. Ritz never fails in the savoury department.

Divine caramel/Dark chocolate (£1 each). The caramel milk chocolate was probably one of my favourite products out of the whole box. Similar to Cadbury's caramel bars, but better. Not being a fan of dark chocolate, I did force myself to try this, and it wasn't as over-powering as some dark chocolate, and the caramel complimented it nicely (making it bearable to eat!). I would definitely opt for the caramel one again for a treat!

Enter the code BLDEG15 at the check out to receive a whopping £6 discount!

To find out more about Degustabox, visit them on twitter at @degustaboxUK

Let me know if you subscribe, I'd love to hear what you think!

*This box was sent to me for review, however this does not effect my opinions.


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