Thursday 17 March 2016

KiteNest 100% Natural Products

A few months ago I was kindly contacted by the guys at Kitenest - A new small company that have recently set up in Lincoln, somewhere that is very close to my heart (having spent 5 yrs at university there!).

KiteNest produces products that are 100% natural, completely handmade and never tested on animals.

They kindly sent me 3 of their lip balms to try, as well as their Himalayan salt scrub.

Being presented in a cute compact tin with a range of flavours (Spearmint, Orange and Clove & Lime), the initial consistency of these lip balms took a bit of getting used to - upon first application on the lips they had an almost 'bitty' texture to them, but once massaged into the lips, this instantly disappears, and what is left is a balm that absorbs lovely into the skin, leaving your lips with a very subtle gloss finish, which is something I loved. My lips felt super soft and I noticed the staying power on these to be impressive.

The Himalayan scrub is definitely a good one for those fake tanners out there! This is definitely not a gentle scrub, with its large and abrasive particles really being able to work into the skin and remove all the dead skin cells, grime and that pesky old tan that refuses to budge. I have used it several times now and upon drying my skin feels silky soft. I slap a load of moisturiser on afterwards to really give my skin some TLC. Application wise, it is a little bit messy as the scrub is loose due to it not being combined with any other products which would usually create that binding effect, so definitely one to use in the shower as opposed to the bath.
It would be ideal to use once a week as a full body scrub, however I would not advise to use on more delicate areas such as the face as I can imagine it to be a little too harsh. This giant tub (measuring at 440ml) would definitely last a few months.

Go and give the guys a holla on Twitter - @KiteNest or on their Etsy shop.


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