Sunday 12 June 2016


The people at Clickstay are running a competition to win a £1000 Clickstay voucher towards a villa stay in Spain, £500 towards flights and a £250 voucher for Somebody Somewhere sunglasses. To enter, simply write a blog post about your dream holiday to Spain. T&C's are here.. If you're not a blogger but still want to be in with a chance of winning some great goodies, a similar competition is being held here for readers. You get the chance to with a £500 Clickstay voucher and a snazzy camera too! Be quick though, the closing date is midnight on 12th June 2016. Go go go!

What's Clickstay I hear you ask? A website that offers awesome villa's and apartments to rent worldwide. Ever wanted your own pool on holiday? Look no further!

The first task of the competition was to select the 'perfect clickstay villa', and that was a task in itself. I was 'oo-ing' and 'arr-ing' the whole time at the luxurious villas and apartments they have on offer.

I've been to several places in Spain over the years; Tenerife, Benidorm, Salou, but they've all been very beach-orientated holidays, so this time I opted for Barcelona, a city that appears to have lots to offer (and will suit the boyfriend in terms of football!). After an hour of trawling, I finally settled on this big ass mansion, better known as Villa Victoria, and yes, it's definitely fit for a queen. (I really wanted to include every photo here to show you it in all its grandeur, but I know what an overloaded photo webpage can do to ones computer! Hopefully though, with the few photos I have included, I think you get the idea...

This villa sleeps a whopping 16 people, and the owner really looks like they know their stuff when it comes to interior design. This villa is beautifully decorated, each with different themed rooms, with lots of vibrant colour. The outdoor pool area has calming delicate lights everywhere, that I can imagine adds a fantastic ambience in the evening when eating alfresco or taking an evening dip, especially with the deep glow of the pool (ahh.. I'm already there!). This villa likes its entertainment, and offers guests a home theatre, pool and football table, as well as all the necessary items to keep one in tune with that big world wide web!

You're in arms reach of bars, restaurants and a supermarket, which is always nice - who wants to cook every night on holiday? Certainly not me! Although the supermarket will certainly be handy in stocking up the fridge with ice-cold refreshments. Mmmm..

This villa oozes luxury and is the main reason why I found myself gravitating towards it. It appears to have everything, plus more, with the city of Barcelona up the road.

Now onto the tricky part - who would I bring? I think I'd make this a family affair and unite both my partner's family and my family together. We've been together almost 9 years and they still haven't all met properly. Crazy, right? But what better (and more perfect) venue to unite as one than in this villa. My partner's mum has unfortunately just received some bad news in relation to her health, so I'd definitely use this as a pick-me-up for her.

What would I do? I'm a huge planner in terms of holidays, and definitely an adventure seeker. I love to explore and certainly not one to sit and worship the sun all day. I'd go out and explore the local area, as well as head to Barcelona city centre. I'd check out the architecture (in particular the Sagrada Familia). I'd be brave and attempt to climb the Montjuic Mountain to indulge in the views at the top (if I reach it!). I'm not one to spend hours in Art museums, but when in Barcelona and all that jazz... I'd be happy to check out the random outdoors art work that the city offers. A holiday isn't a holiday without some shopping, so I'd stroll along the Las Ramblas and see what this 'beautiful chaos' is all about, as some refer to it as.

Food is also a big part of my life (I've been known to revolve holidays around restaurants before.. no shame, no shame). So of course I'd make sure I was eating tapas, drinking sangria and enjoying that Spanish sunset!

As well as the fast-paced, adventure-fuelled days, I'd definitely make use of Villa Victoria (how could you not?). I'd immerse myself in a book, legs dipped in the pool, big floppy hat on and huge sunglasses, with an umbrella cocktail by my side.

Oh how the other half live.

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