Saturday 30 July 2016

My Disney Bucket List

So in a few months time I will be heading to Disney once again, the third time in 3 years. This upcoming trip I've researched and planned like there really is no tomorrow, and I've got everything down to a tee. Doing this has helped me realise what stuff we've yet to experience in Disney, so I thought I'd share some of my plans with you!

Disney's Water Pageant Parade - For those that don't know, Disney do nightly entertainment in most of their theme parks, however the electric water pageant is displayed on the Seven Seas Lagoon, and we've never had chance to see it. It only lasts between 5-7 minutes, so it's not going to take much time out of our schedule but it'll be nice to see. We have dinner planned at Ohana's one evening, so after that I'm hoping to go onto the viewing deck area and watch the Disney fireworks, then go down on their beach to watch the water pageant across the lagoon.

Ride more attractions in Fantasyland. In all honesty, we avoided most of these rides, purely because 1) We thought they were for children, and yes, they kinda are, but in Disney, anything goes. And 2) The queue times were always crazy long, and without fast passes, I didn't fancy waiting 50+ minutes in a queue. However! Thanks to a vlogger that I've been watching, I've learnt a tip on how to avoid queue times for these rides which I'll definitely be implementing into my itinerary!

Experience some night entertainment beyond the theme parks. As the sun sets, the theme parks are still alive, and both Magic Kingdom and Epcot display their famous fireworks. Hollywood Studios has Fantasmic, and Animal Kingdom has it's new evening entertainment (that I'm still yet to sample!). Disney Springs have obviously got their live music, bowling, cinema, and Universal's City Walk has got a handful of bars and clubs, however that's one t
hing I missed when in Orlando - Just sitting somewhere having a drink, a sing-a-long (hopefully to some cheesy pop music) and possibly a boogie if I'm feeling brave. I know Orlando do offer these types of places, but its a case of fishing them out. I might sample Jelly Rolls on Disney's Boardwalks.. I hear they have a live piano playing with lots of modern songs and a huge dance floor, so we shall see!

Visit all the Disney Deluxe Resorts and view Christmas Decorations. Up until our last visit, we didn't really visit any other hotels, simply because I didn't realise you could. However since doing more research, they remind me a little of Vegas, and how the hotels are an attraction in themselves. They're so pretty with their huge grand receptions, lagoons, waterfalls, man-made beaches, hammocks etc, all this along with their unique theming and subtle Disney hints makes this a great (and free!) way to spend a few hours. With the added bonus of it being Christmas when we visit, I've only heard good things about their decorations, so I've already pencilled in a full afternoon to jump on and off the monorail and boats and tour all the Deluxe Resorts! I'm really looking forward to this day!

Meet a character. Yep, that's right, I've had 2 trips in the last 2-3 years and I never met one character. Ok, I technically met Bart Simpson in Universal, but it was a very quick 'lets take a photo' moment. This time I've booked 2 separate breakfasts to meet different characters. I'm not the most confident of people when it comes to talking, so I'm hoping its not going to be too awkward, but its something I want to tick off my list! Yes, I'm an adult with no kids, but yes, this goes in Disney!

Hire a boat on the Seven Seas Lagoon. I didn't know this was even possible till a few months ago when I was researching. You can hire a boat for 30 minutes and it's really cheap too! I'm hoping we can fit that in somewhere! Lots of people take music and food/drink - its a great way to chill out one afternoon! It kinda freaks me out knowing that Alligators will be lurking in the lagoon, but these hire boats are pretty big and sturdy so I think we'll be safe!

Face my fears and ride Rip Ride RockIt (Yes, I know technically this shouldn't be on a 'Disney' bucket list, but for me, Universal & Disney go hand-in-hand because I do both whilst visiting Florida!) In 2013 Mike had to ride it with my sister-in-law, then last year he rode it alone. I'm fairly 'brave' when it comes to rides, but this is the only attraction I refuse to do. The beginning of the coaster reminds me of Smiler at Alton Towers. Vertical. I hate anything that involves a vertical track, whether it be a drop or going up! However I'm trying to psyche myself up ready to do this! The only thing that appeals to me about this ride is that you get to choose your own soundtrack to blast in your ears as you go round!

Coronado Springs - This is the resort we will be staying at.
Stay in a Disney resort and experience the Disney Dining Plan, and own a magic band. This one has technically already been ticked off my list, because although I haven't experienced any of the above, I know I'm going to because everything is booked. There's so many different ways to 'do' Disney in terms of accommodation. We've experienced a villa, and also a hotel on Int Drive, so now hopefully we've saved the best till last!

Is there anything you think I may have missed off?!

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