Monday 11 July 2016

Review: June's Degustabox

Another mixed bunch of food products from Degustabox, most of which I've already eaten! No shame...

Lets take a closer look...


Zeo is a firm favourite of DB, I've had the pleasure of sampling them a few times now. This glass bottle of cloudy lemon drink is the perfect size to take to a picnic. Lovely and refreshing, and it certainly went down a treat with me (yes, just me..). RRP: £2.75

King Star Crafted Lager
Being someone who rarely drinks alcohol, and especially not beer, this was swiftly passed onto my boyfriend who had it with an evening meal. Positive words were initially said, however the more he drank, the more those positive words changed into a squirming face. Sorry King Star!


Favourite section of this blog post! Who doesn't love a good snack?
The waffle crisps (RRP £1.10) I thought was going to be similar to Stroopwafels, however I was wrong (kind of.) These were like thin buttery biscuits, and really tasty too! They melt in your mouth and the buttery texture is lovely! Mmmm... pass me more!

The Chocolate Mug Brownie Mix I was all over (I remember craving chocolate and we didn't have any in apart from this!). I'm glad to say that I've tried a certain other brand of cake mug mix before and really wasn't impressed, however this was so much better! So convenient too! RRP: £1.50

The butterkist yogurt coated popcorn (RRP £1.49) I was a little sceptical about, I'm not a fan of yogurt coated things, however these just worked... the coating did weigh the popcorn down a little, and take away the crunch, but they were so moreish it didn't matter!

The Smooze fruit ice lollies (RRP £2.50) I'm still in 2 minds about - Imagine a frozen fruit smoothie, its pretty much that, but in a lolly form! Although I love both coconut and mango, I wasn't sold on this flavour.


Haywards silverskin onions (RRP £1.89) Pickled onions are something I don't have in my cupboard, and I associate them more with buffets or Christmas, weirdly. Needless to say I haven't felt the right opportunity crop up to eat these.

Branston Spicy Tomato Relish (RR £1.65) If you saw our sauce/condiment cupboard, you'd think we were feeding the 5000. Certain relishes I really struggle to be imaginative and think what to use them with, apart from the typical cheese sandwich, which I very rarely eat. Hmm.

Meal Additions

Sacla Basil Pesto Pots (RRP £2.79) I used one of these in a pasta dish. Nice, simple and convenient. Perfect for lazy cookers!

Schwartz American Smokehouse burger mix (RRP £1.49)
We made some burgers a few nights ago and used this. Unfortunately I wasn't blown away. I don't have good experiences with homemade burgers at the best of times but I was expecting this to add lots of flavour to the burger, but it didn't. Thumbs down from me.

Shirataki Miracle Noodle Angel Hair (RRP £2.49)
Can I just say, 'hair' and food should not come in the same sentence. I know it technically doesn't, but the image evokes something gross in my mind. This squishy little pack is yet to be used, I'm not too sure what I'm going to make with it yet but I've had something very similar before and wasn't blown away, however lets not tar everything with the same brush!

If you would like lots of food products sent to your door every month as a treat, why not sign up to Degustabox? I have a great saving where your first box will cost a mere £6! What are you waiting for?! Pop the code SIGIDN in at the check-out and you're away!


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