Friday 1 July 2016

June Round Up - Lincoln, Lush & Lilies

In order to remind myself what I have done over the previous month, I tend to turn to Instagram, because it's here that I always capture the highlights. However browsing over the few measly photos I took last month, I soon realised that June had been very quiet, with a few trips to restaurants (which food I surprisingly didn't take a snap!), a day out in Lincoln and not a jolly lot else. However I was glad to see a few Lush photos in there! I feel I've been really struggling for opportunities to use my Lush products because of the humid nights.. the last thing I want is a bath! However lately we've been having a few rainy nights which has made me want to light candles and run a bath like it's winter again.

Clockwise L- R Poppy Wave in Lincoln. Bath goodies. Bagpipes at Royal Armed Forces Day. 'Just because' lilies from Mike.

Did you get up to anything exciting in June? Here's to a more appealing July!

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