Monday 20 June 2016

TRAVEL: Top 5 Tips for Visting Las Vegas

1. Take an afternoon nap.
The first few days of your holiday, your body clock is adjusting to the time difference, and its a killer. Don't fret about 'missing out' if you take an hour or two nap - this is the city that never sleeps, so everything will still be buzzing when you venture back out in the evening. Don't try the 'go hard or go home' rule - With the heat and the fact that you're on your feet all day, your body will need rest or you will burn out and more than likely become ill. I remember having my first experience of being delirious here through extreme tiredness.. I got so tired that I could no longer string sentences together. Tiredness has never affected my speech before like it did that day! Safe to say I went to bed when I realised this was happening!

MGM Grand Hotel (Source - MGM Offical Website)

2. Take a trip to Downtown Vegas.
Jump on a bus and take a 15 minute bus ride to Downtown Vegas/Fremont Street. It's old school and it really feels like you've taken a step back to the 60's. There's so much character and wacky things to see. I could have people watched down there all night. Such a great atmosphere and although there's still lots of lights, its definitely a breather from the strip! You can zip line above the crowds, eat, dance in the street, all whilst a music video is playing above your heads on the ceiling. Arguably tacky, but so good!

Fremont Street, Downtown Vegas. Can you spot the zip lines?

3. Do your research when choosing your hotel!
I ventured into every hotel on the strip and every hotel at both ends of the price scale had that Wow factor. We stayed at the MGM Grand as part of a wedding package, but I know others that have stayed in cheaper hotels and they've been just as nice. Everything is pretty grand out there, including cheaper hotels, so if you're a hotel snob, you needn't be here. Of course the Bellagio is very famous, but only a few hotels down and you'll find The Flamingo. Still in the heart of the strip, but so much nicer on the purse strings!

4. Be aware of the street performers.
Actors dressed as Elvis, Michael Jackson etc, are dotted up and down the strip. Of course people see them as a photo opportunity, however they will expect to be tipped if a photo is taken with them. America is known for their tipping, but sometimes a small act (i.e. taking a selfie) you may not realise requires a small token gesture, so be mindful!

source - google images

5. Venture into all the hotels!
Vegas was the first holiday that I ventured in other hotels besides my own. I remember constantly thinking 'are you sure we're allowed to go in this hotel, we're not staying here!?' I was only used to European holidays, and that's just not something you do in the likes of Greece, Spain etc. The hotels in Vegas are an attraction in themselves. Each hotel is themed mostly round a country. For example the gondola photo below is The Venetian, which, you've guessed it, is based around Italy. Everything is so cleverly done, its so impressive. You could spend hours just wandering in and out of them all, they all have shops, restaurants, attractions (i.e. the gondola's, aquariums etc). There's so many fantastic photo opportunities in the hotels too.. I think 90% of my photos were taken inside of them!
Apart from the large one, each of these photos were taken inside hotels. The large one however is a continuation of the gondola scene that is on the right.
Have you been to Vegas before? If so, what was your favourite hotel?

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