Friday 3 February 2017

Disney Day 3: Seaworld & Magic Kingdom!

On our 3rd full day in Disney we went to SeaWorld. I had been to SeaWorld as a child, but only had very small and vague memories of the place, so I felt like I was visiting somewhere completely new (which is always a good thing!).

If you're an animal lover, moreso aquarium animals, then you'll love this place. They had approximately 3 huge stadiums where the dolphins, killer whales etc strutted their stuff. You had the opportunity to stroke baby sharks, sting rays etc, and watch dolphins in a small nursery. This allowed you to get up close and personal with them, without fighting the crowds.

The rides here were very limited. They have 3 rollercoasters and 1 water flume which was unfortunately closed. In fact this ride looked like it had been sat there for 30 years unused! We went on 2 rollercoasters but avoided Mako like the plague (I hate vertical drops!).

There were colourful parrots and pink flamingo's to admire, as well as lots of cute penguins in 'Antartica'.

We managed to see a bit of everything but I couldn't help but feel that this park lacked excitement and atmosphere. It felt very sparse in places and although it was very clean and had been maintained well, it just didn't compare to the other parks. I'm glad I visited though, but can safely say I don't feel like I need to return.

After our time at SeaWorld, we headed back to the hotel for a freshen-up, then headed back to Magic Kingdom where we had a dining reservation at The Skipper Canteen. The service here was fantastic, and the food wasn't far off either. Mike got a cool drink with apple 'beads' in (as I liked to call them) and we watched the famous Mickey toffee apples being made in the cutest of kitchens.

Magic Kingdom Christmas Tree

Stayed tuned for day 4! Check my travel section on my blog to see what I got up to on days 1-3 in Disney, as well as my Christmas trip to NYC which we did before jetting over to Orlando!

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