Thursday 16 February 2017

Disney Day 4: Animal Kingdom, Yak & Yeti & Teppan Edo!

We headed to Animal Kingdom today. I'll be honest, Animal Kingdom is probably my least favourite park out of all 4 Disney parks, but that's only because we're not huge animal people, so we don't appreciate it as much as others would! We made our way through the itinerary and it flowed perfectly. We managed to ride Expedition Everest, watch The Lion King and gaze at Monkeys as they swung from the trees. We then checked into our early dining reservation at Yak & Yeti. I'd eaten here before but only as a quick service, so I was excited to see what the restaurant had to offer! The food was gorgeous, I completely recommend!

Festival of The Lion King
Expedition Everest
Expedition Everest from afar
We bypassed the safari this year (I know, I know!), as well as the river rapids (although the weather was warm for December, I knew as soon as I got wet I'd be freezing, and it wasn't warm enough for our clothes to dry quickly, so we took the practical route). We took a slow walk around the park, going in nooks and crannies that we hadn't previously explored.

Dessert at Yak & Yeti
We had an early finish here and went back to the hotel. We both went swimming then got ready for our meal reservation at Teppan Edo in Epcot. This restaurant was definitely up there with some of my favourites from the whole trip. The experience as well as the food was on point. You had your food cooked in front of you from scratch in really quirky ways. The girl made a 'volcano' from onions, and turned it into a snowman, and began singing 'do you wanna build a snowmaaan?' The 'volcano' then began smoking, exactly like a real volcano would, so clever!

Cooking at Teppan Edo
After this we watched IllumiNations firework display. We had a bit of a poor view, with the fire stands in front of us, but nevertheless, it was still good. We managed to ride a few more rides then headed home after another busy day!

IllumiNations - Epcot

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