Monday 20 February 2017

Disney Day 5 - 'The Grey Stuff', Towel Art & Fine Dining

Day 5 started off really dark and dismal but nevertheless, we continued with our plans and headed to Magic Kingdom. We watched the morning 'Move it, Shake it' parade (which i'd never seen before, and admittedly, a little too 'young' for me, although I will admit, I did do a little jig!).
Move it Shake it Parade
We rode the obligatory rides (space mountain, thunder mountain etc) then went for a quick service at 'Be Our Guest'. The food and experience was definitely worth just a quick service, however I unfortunately felt like this restaurant had been over-hyped (but maybe it was because I didn't experience a table-service in the evening? Who knows...). Either way, I'm sure it would be any Beauty and the Beast fan's dream, and I'm glad I did it and ticked 'The Grey stuff' off my menu bucket list! (Yum!). Oh, and yes it was delicious! (Don't believe me? Ask the dishes..)

The Grey Stuff
Entrance to 'Be Our Guest' restaurant
By the afternoon the sun decided to show its face a little, so we rode the smaller rides that we have bypassed in previous years (i.e. Aladdins magic carpet, Ariel, etc). It was nice experiencing new things. We then left mid-afternoon and headed back to the hotel, and got presented with some towel art (I love a good hotel surprise from the cleaners!). We used our hotel's laundrette (the joys of travelling for longer than usual!) and chilled round the pool.

Aladdin's Magic Carpet
Towel art in our hotel
That evening we experienced our first signature restaurant at Yachtsmans Steakhouse at The Beach and Yacht Club - Fine dining at its best. The food was on point, but I didn't expect any less.

Luxurious dessert at The Yachtsman
After dinner, we admired The Beach Clubs hotel grounds, and oo'ed and arr'ed over the luxurious attention to detail. This cute little festive train track was a great focal point, as was this huge globe! I'd love to stay in this hotel someday, it really is beautiful.


Yet another busy day, full of action and yummy food. Stay tuned for day 6 of our Disney trip!

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