Thursday 10 August 2017

My NYC Bucket List

For those that read my blog regularly will know I went to NYC back in December last year. Shortly after we returned, we booked a very similar trip (NYC and Florida) however this time for 2 weeks, as opposed to 3! (If only!)
On our last trip to NYC, for one reason or another, we didn't manage to tick everything off my our bucket list, so in true Kate fashion, used this as an excuse to revisit. Why the hell not? Not only will I get to explore the unvisited, but I will get to see NY in a different season, which will open up different activities that cannot be done in the winter. Without further ado, here's my bucket list that I hope to complete in this upcoming trip.

1. Hire a boat in Central Park. Ok, so the last time Mike and I canoed/kayaked, we had a 'heated discussion' on the water because I wasn't helping him row. That's what men are for, right?! I'll try put more effort in this time! But on a serious note, this wasn't even an option when we were there last time, purely because it was winter, so its a definite 'to do' on our next trip!

source - google images
2. Visit the Empire State Building. I saw this from afar last time, but like many tourists, you either do one or the other, Empire State or Rockefeller, and after doing research, we settled on Rockefeller in the day. This time we'll do Empire State, at night. I can't wait!

View from Empire State - source - google images
3. Have a cocktail on a rooftop bar. Omg, there are SO many beautiful rooftop bars to choose from, all with ridiculously eye popping prices, so I'm going to choose wisely!

Source - google images
4. Visit 9/11 memorial. We had this on our itinerary last time, however the heavens decided to open (like you wouldn't believe) so we made a swift detour in a Starbucks, and didn't come out for hours. We're there over 9/11 this time, so I think it'll be even more special (and probably more emotional!)

source - google images
5. Try some Dim Sum in China Town. I know you can do this pretty much anywhere in the world that has decent Chinese Food, but not only have I heard so much about dim sum that the intrigued barometer inside me is in the red, but we only had a fleeting visit to China Town last time whilst we were looking for somewhere else, so we need to revisit!

source - google images
6. Experience 'The Ride: NYC' - this entertainment bus looks SO much fun. We saw one last time and everyone looked so happy, and its got great reviews, so this is a definite must!

source - google images
7. Take a walk on Brooklyn Bridge - Again, something that we never managed to do on our last trip. I can't wait to leave Manhattan and see the skyline from Brooklyn. Hoping to do this near sunset one night...

source - google images
8. Hire bikes and cycle round Central Park. Again, because of how vast Central Park is, I think a bike would be really useful. You'd need a few full days to properly explore this park, which unfortunately we don't have, so a bike is the next best option! This will enable us to visit points in the park which we never had time to see last year.

source - google images

If you've got any more recommendations then please do let me know!


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