Monday 11 June 2018

Father's Day with Cheerz

Wow, I can't believe its Father's Day already! I find myself saying this more and more but time really does go too fast!

When it comes to present buying, men are renown for being more difficult to buy for, however this year I've got it sorted. My dad was talking about not really having many recent memories of us round his house - he and my mum divorced years ago, so he doesn't have a woman's touch in the house to help him out! My brother and (now) sister-in-law got married a few years ago, so he has fairly recent ones of them, but the ones of me are from when I was a kid, and lets be honest, they're always really cringe-worthy, and something you definitely would rather not have on show! So I came up with the bright idea of having a more recent photo of me and my other half to make up for the others!

Cheerz have some great Fathers day ideas that are a little more sentimental and something that will last instead of the usual beer and chocolate. I opted for this 20cm x 20cm photo frame that is small enough to fit anywhere, or even stand freely on a shelf, but big enough not to be missed. There are 3 different coloured frames to choose from which will help to fit nicely into the necessary decor, and really give the illusion that your dad knows what he's doing with that interior design! I opted for a photo of me and my fiance (wow, still seems strange saying that!) for my dad to hang proudly on his wall... I might even encourage him to start a collage wall! And hopefully the next photo I give him after this will be of my wedding day! This is currently on offer alongside the retro prints for a mere £15, but grab them quickly before Father's day!

If you prefer something a little more unusual, but still a good keepsake, how about this hardcover photo book? I have something similar to this and I love it... its the perfect coffee table book that guests can flick through whilst your dad is in the kitchen making that cuppa! You could fill it with a journey of your life and make it into a story almost...

If your dad likes his magnets then these retro magnets is the perfect thing for him.. and at £15 a pop for 12 magnets (that you can personalise as well with a caption) I think that's a steal!

source - cheerz
I've ordered from Cheerz before and their print quality is always on top form and I've always been happy with my order.. so much so that I'm using a lot of their prints as part of my wedding day.

As we all know, Father's Day is a matter of days away, and I know so many people who leave present buying to the last minute, purely because they are out of ideas. Take the stress away and let Cheerz do the hard work for you.. it takes a matter of minutes to design your order, and that print will be arriving on your doorstep in no time! Hurry though, because standard shipping times for Father's Day is 11th June, and express is 13th... so don't put it off any longer! And to help you even more, I have a discount code for you to give you another 10% off! Enter the code 10PRETTY at checkout (offer expires 17th June).

If making orders via apps is your jam, for apple users you will need this link and if you're in the Android club like me, you will want this link.

Now all there is to say is... have a wonderful Father's Day with those close.. enjoy!


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