Tuesday 31 January 2012

January 2012 in Picture

I think I mentioned in a previous blog that this year I decided to do Project 365, which is to basically take a photo every day throughout the whole year, possibly resembling something you did that day. Some days it's hard to find things to photograph (especially when your life is as dull as mine at times!). With a pile of photos slowly rising, I've decided to do a monthly collage of my antics to show you guys. I've picked the best out the bunch for the collage below, but you can probably tell January has been a very quiet month for me! I have been out to a few restaurants but I'm not the most confident of people when it comes to getting a hefty camera out in public and photographing food, or getting someone to photograph me sat at a table! I'd love to but unfortunately I'm one of these that care too much about what others are thinking! I keep those kinda photos for holidays!

Note: Some shots are a little 'weird' (i.e. the teabag!) - I'm just getting to grips with my new camera and finding new ways to be 'arty', if you can call it that!

Clockwise from top left -
Close shot of a teabag! Self Portrait. The inside of my current fave fruit, a nectarine. Friday 13th, bad luck all day for me! I heart Vegas which I have now completed. Painting time! My adorable 18mnth old niece all wrapped up. My first ever homemade lasagne.



  1. love these kind of posts!


    1. Thank you. I like to read them on other people's posts too, it makes a change every now and again from the beauty stuff doesn't it!


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