Saturday 28 January 2012

Home Interior: Nail Polish Storage

A few months ago I let you all have a sneaky peek in my shabby chic dressing room which you can see again here.

One way that I showed how I store my nail polishes was in this inexpensive glass vase that I like to call my fish-bowl...

The size of this is deceiving, I think there is roughly 30 plus polishes in there. However, being the nail polish addict I am, this began to over-flow a month or so ago. I toyed with the idea of repurchasing another identical vase however I wasn't too keen on the glass on glass aspect of it, the fact that I had to be gentle when placing bottles back in and rummaging around for new colours was rather annoying to say the least!

I was doing a weekly food shop at our local Morrisons just before Christmas and was wondering down the aisle that was crammed with stocking fillers and gifts. Something that caught my eye was a little white 'cupboard' style box that housed English tea, jam, and 2 cute egg cups of all things! I of course wasn't interested in the contents itself but the actual wooden 'cupboard' had that shabby chic look that I thought would house my ever-growing nail polishes and match perfectly in my dressing room  And whats better, it was a mere £10 in the sale!

The shelf inside has actually got 6 holes in it to place eggs, however nothing that a piece of white card didn't sort out! When I got home I realised I had picked one up that the handle had broke off. Luckily I had an inexpensive flower ring that had recently broke, so I used the flower as a handle/knob instead. Nothing like your own personal touch! This holds approximately another 30 polishes so will keep me going for a while before I need yet more storage!

Have you ever used something unusual for storage before?



  1. love this cupboard its such a clever way of storing your nail varnishes! Ive been toying with storing them in a spice rack, but now I think this might be a better option! xxx

    1. A spicec rack, I've never thought of that but a v.good idea!

  2. Your little cupboard of nail polishes is cute :) All my nail varnishes live on my bookshelf in rainbow order! x

  3. love the storage idea. and your dressing room looks perfect! love it. xx

  4. Love your little nail polish storage idea. Thats a gorgeous way to store and show off your pretty polishes.


  5. I love the fish bowl Idea..all my nail polish is in a plastic drawer hid away! Love your room! It's awesome

  6. Wow this is such a good idea!!! All your nail polishes fit in so neatly.. may have to see can I get a hold of something like this xxx

  7. Awww the cupboard is so cute, I need to find one like that myself


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