Sunday 22 January 2012

January Storytime - 'I Heart Vegas' - Lindsey Kelk

I asked for this book for Christmas, not only because a few bloggers had recommended it, but because I am going to Vegas in September, so I decided this book was a must!

Considering I have a degree in English, I'm terrible at completing a book. Since leaving uni almost 4 years ago, I've only read a handful of books from front to back (and they were by Sophie Kinsella, which I highly recommend if you like a good laugh-out-loud chick lit). This book reminded me a lot of those. Although not so much laugh-out-loud, but there was a lot of secret 'nodding in agreement' going's on, I could really relate to this book, the main protagonist and her way of thinking regarding men (which instantly made her my best friend!)
It has a good storyline that pulls you in and makes you want to keep on reading. It is pretty predictable in places but all in all a very good read, the kind of sunbathing book for that upcoming summer holiday which I hope you're all planning!

A British girl living in NY city only to find that her visa is due to run out and she has very little time to play with with no real excuse to keep her there. Along the grapevine she discovers that one reason to keep her there would be to marry someone that also lives there. She has a boyfriend of whom she lives with but how on earth would she get him to propose without it appearing like she is using him? A group of her girlfriends take her on a crazy trip to Las Vegas for a break which brings the more 'daring' side out and she says and does things she later regrets...

I'm sad to see the book end, but, as I promised myself in my New Years Resolutions, 'read 1 book a month' so at least I'm on target with something! There are various others in this series too such as 'I heart Paris' and 'I heart New York' amongst others, so I think I'll definitely be sampling another out soon. I'm a sucker for holidays/travelling so these suit me perfectly!
Next book is a crime/thriller, don't think I've ever completed a book in that genre so I'm intrigued to see how I get on!

What is your favourite book? I need more recommendations ready for the upcoming months!



  1. You should check out Sarra Manning. She is amazing! 'You don't have to say you love me' and 'unsticky'.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation! I'll have to make a note of her!


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