Friday 20 January 2012

NOTD - Midnight sky

When I'm not feeling very inspirational, this is one design I always resort back to because its so simple and quick to do. The white polka dots on the navy nail reminded me of a snowy midnight sky (hence the name!). I am sporting a navy lace jumper today which match perfectly with my nails.

I used an old collection 2000 polish (that old that I couldn't track the name down because the label had faded, however they have what looks like an identical one in their new range called 'blue my mind' which you can see here). For the polka dots I used NYC 'Pinstripe White' with one of many dotting tools that I own.

I really can't wait to dive back into my pastel colours. The majority of my collection consists of bright summery colours, however the English weather has recently took a nose dive so I'd feel a little out of place in this dark and dreary weather if I delved into them right now. Maybe in another month? Although I did purchase a No7 polish today which could be worn at any time of the year, so hopefully that will keep me quiet till then? Keep your eyes peeled for it's debut blog in the next few days!



  1. I've been in love with nail art lately, cool design!

  2. I love this design! I too have just purchased a NO 7 polish today, Vivid Violet - not tried it yet but I think it will be great for toes.

  3. Sorry wasn't sure where would be best to leave u a note about our twin cameras lol Ive worked out how to get the camera to record for longer mine being 49 in 1 seconds and 23mins and 21 seconds by changing the quality of the camera so the pic may not be as good but maybe gives u something to play about with or look into.
    Turn on camera, put into video camera mode, press menu then press quality on the options screen xx

  4. I just got some dotting tools recently, good old ebay! Need to do this and soon, they look so pretty. I'll prbs mess mine up though!

    1. As long as you're not using gloopy nail polish with you tools you should be ok!
      Takes a few attempts to control how much you need on dotter but it's pretty simple after that

  5. They're so simple - but yet so effective!

  6. Your nails look greatxxx
    Am following you xx


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