Tuesday 17 January 2012

Primark - Spring 2012 Range

I love the anticipation that new seasons bring to the shops. From what I've seen so far, a lot of bold and bright colours are going to be appearing, although that sounds normal for any spring/summer, right?

Primark is many people's best budget friend. I was browsing through their spring collection and 2 pieces really stood out for me which I think I will definitely be adding to my spring wishlist.

Personally I think this outfit looks tacky. I hate the trousers that this shirt has been teamed with. Both the colour, material and style isn't my cup of tea. At all. However, the shirt on the other hand I thought was super cute. I'd be able to wear this for work and dress it up for an evening meal out. This model/photo doesn't do it justice, I originally spotted it on dollybowbow's YT video here were she carries it off much better! For £10 I think it'd be a nice addition to my spring collection!

This dress I think is really feminine and summery and can imagine it being a bit hit in Primark this spring. I love the colours and print. The style is really flattering and one of my favourites when it comes to dresses. I'm not overly keen on the shape of the 'neckline' of the floral as it hits the white neck area, but we can't have it all! I am having to choose my summer clothes wisely this year, trying to accommodate for both the British and American summer. Ok, so I'm not going to Las Vegas till the end of Sept, but I've still heard it's gonna be super hot..

Unfortunately coming from a small town, we don't own the world's best Primark,  so looks like a shopping trip is in order to the next city. Damn! ;-)



  1. I'm just doing my post for S/S Primark! That dress is definitely my favourite thing from the collection :)

  2. I find Primark clothing to be hit or miss too, but I love the bag in the second one. Must pick that up at some point!


  3. Well I'll definitly be picking up that dress! :)

  4. this is way cute! Please check out my blog! If you like it feel free to follow! I started following :)

  5. Oh everything is so gorgeous... Makes me really uspet that we don't have Primark in my country! :( x

  6. That dress is going is going to be top of my list this month!!!! I want it sooo bad!! Xxxx



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