Monday 16 January 2012

Sale Shopping!

Any other year I'd go crazy in the sales. This year was a little different as it's the first year in our house, therefore a lot of my wages have to go on the house now. Therefore I unfortunately couldn't go OTT, however I did pick up a few things, these aren't all of them, but I'm sure you don't want to see lounge wear. Everyone knows what hoodies and joggers look like!

I've been wanting an aztec cardigan for a long time now. I spotted this in Matalan for a steal at £12.50 reduced from £25. I was a little unsure of the pattern at first, but I now love it. The front is a wrap around style that I keep together by adding a thin black belt. It's mega cosy and the warmest cardigan I've ever owned!

I'm gonna be honest - I don't own an expensive handbag. Never had and probably never will (unless I win the lottery). I have a mortgage to pay for, a mega expensive holiday to save for and a car that is recently costing me the earth to get fixed, so I'm not a super rich girl, and unfortunately probably never will be, so it'll be very rare that you'll see super high end brands on my blog. Ok, now we've got that cleared...
My trusty handbag (that infact looked super similar to this one) that lasted me over a year finally started to show her age just before Christmas, so I invested in yet another super expensive one, this time from F&F in Tesco. I need a large(ish) bag for work, and this was ideal. It's black, it looks sophis, and has a strap that turns it into a body bag if my poor shoulders begin to ache.
£10 reduced from £14. Not a massive saving but I like nonetheless.

Firstly, sorry for the in-your-face flash on the box! After the crowds had finally died down in boots, I went and had a look at the remainders of what was left. Even though I had received 2 lovely perfumes for Christmas, I was curious to see if I could pick up 1 final bargain for my collection. There was hardly any left but I was pleasantly surprised to find this. Yes, I know, I know, Gucci Rush is mega old now. But this perfume is nostalgic for me. My friend always used to wear this back in the day when we used to go underage clubbing! (I'm talking 10yrs ago so how old this perfume is I don't know!). I remember having pre-drinks in her bedroom that used to stink to high heaven of Gucci Rush and I used to love it. Ever since, every time I get a whiff, I think of this and my friend. This is definitely a perfume I'd wear for a special occasion. It's not my average sweet and sugary smelling scent! £24 reduced from £35.



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