Saturday 14 January 2012

Review: Deborah Lippmann - Nail Polish Remover Mitt

I received this exciting sachet with my December Glossy Box (which you can see here).
I've never seen anything like this before, so being someone who constantly has polish on her nails, I was super excited to try this out!

This mitt claims to 'remove all traces of polish for all 10 nails in an instant'. (Source)

I waited till I had the dreaded glitter polish to remove so I could really put it to the test. Ready to remove the exact polish that accompanied this mitt (Deborah Lippmann 'Razzle Dazzle') I followed the instructions (which were to place the mitt over the index finger and sweep over the rest of your nails).

Placing over the thumb as opposed to index finger was for photography purposes only!

First thoughts? A small cute but simple mitt that would be perfect for travelling.
I swept gently over my fingers like it stated. Not a great deal happened. I added pressure, a little more polish was removed but not to the extent I was expecting. Within minutes the remover that was readily absorbed into the mitt had dried up so my only option was to resort back to my own nail polish remover and scrubbing just as hard as I did with the mitt in order to remove the glitter polish.

Opinions? A big thumbs down for this product. To state that it would remove all traces of polish within an instant, I think, is over-exaggerated to say the least. And for the mitt to dry out within 2 minutes of using it isn't very ideal either.
Also for £14 a pop for a pack of 6 mitts is a little steep. I'd rather buy £14's worth of bottles of remover that would last me approx 4 yrs than splash out on 6 mitts that would remove just 6 days's worth of polish!

I have yet to read other's views on this product but I am intrigued, so if you have tried this mitt out, what did you think?!

Such a shame because Deborah Lippmann has some lovely products, go check out her nail polishes, they are super pretty!



  1. I thought it was rubbish too! I thought I did wrong at first but obviously not! I'm just about to use my good old tescos polish remover to get the remainder of it off.

  2. hmm same thing happened to me with those remover pads, big dissapointment and you find yourself grabbing for your own remover. Best remover tip: remover on one of those face whipes! it 'holds' the remover and I don't have to use a lot it, because it stays 'in' the wipe instead of drying up on a cotton ball.



  3. I'm currently looking for good removers. Thanks for warning me about this one. New follower!!

    A Pop! Of Polish

  4. aww ive not used mine yet and disapointed to read it doesnt work that good :( especially as they are quite pricy to buy :( xxx

  5. Wow, thanks for the heads up - definitely will NOT be getting this anytime soon! x


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