Wednesday 15 February 2012

Review: Estee Lauder Doublewear Foundation

Let me take just one make-up item with me on a desert island and I can guarantee it will be foundation. I'm a sucker for it. I wear it every day. Even to the corner shop. If my face isn't on and the doorbell goes, will I answer it? Will I 'eck! I haven't got the best skin in the world, in fact sometimes I've got the skin of a teenager, and it's kinda embarassing at times, espesh when I'm knocking on 27.

Last year, after many years of trial and error, I settled on a skincare routine which seemed to have the best results by far. You can find those magic potions in my blog post here. However, let the routine slip just a little and by god do I know it.

When my skin is at its best, I've probably gone out the house twice, maybe 3 times in my life with tinted moisturiser (and these are usually on holiday when the sun is beaming and my skin looks wonderful). But usually it doesn't see the light of day because I never wear it. In fact I don't think I own any now.

I'm talking as if I suffer with acne. I don't. It's just pimples, but I can never just have one. I always seem to get a few all at once if I'm going to get them, and they seem to like residing on my jawline area.

So, as you can imagine, over the years I've tried numerous foundations. I've covered every brand in boots available from cheapies such as Natural Collection, to Loreal and No7. I've tried the ones that are raved about on blogger and YT (Revlon photoready being prime suspect, which may I add, I wasn't very fond of). I don't have heaps of money (especially now I own a house) so I have to draw the line somewhere when it comes to price range, which is unfortunate, but life. I remember purchasing a Clinque foundation a few years ago (which one, I couldn't tell you), and although a little out my price budget at the time (I was at uni), I remember getting a lot of compliments on it, and secretly told myself that one day I would return to the 'luxurious side' of foundations because not only did I like the results, but quite clearly it was noticeable to others too.

Fast forward 5+ years and I move into my own house and upon sorting my make-up room out, I realised that I'd accumulated a large amount of foundations. I'm talking 10+ bottles of unfinished product. I made myself use them up before buying any more. Whether this meant mixing foundations that were too light/dark for me to get the right colour, I didn't care, I was determined to reduce the contents of my foundation drawer. Fast forward 8 months and I'd managed to get rid of the majority of my bottles (don't you just love the sense of achievement you get from it?!). On my Christmas list last year (as in 2011) was that luxurious foundation that I promised would eventually return to my collection. After doing research, I decided on Estee Lauder's Doublewear foundation as it seemed more suitable for my needs. I trotted off to boots to get properly matched up by the overly fake-tanned girl to ensure I was purchasing the correct colour (Desert Beige FYI).

Now for the review (I knew I'd get there someday!)...
It's bloody marvellous. The end.
(I wish it was that easy!)

Firstly the packaging - it comes in a navy box. Any foundation that has exterior packaging kinda shouts out luxury to me (the little things in life...). The bottle itself is glass. 10/10 (I love a glass bottle, although maybe not so suitable for travelling). Application - not so good. It doesn't have a pump but an open top, so its a case of pouring it onto your make-up brush which makes it more difficult to control the quantity of product required, for that I will give it a 3/10.
Consistency - It's a lovely thick creamy liquid which I love. This will be down to personal preference though as I know a lot of people prefer a lighter application on the skin.
Coverage - I'd say this is fairly high coverage, which I absolutely love. I still do use concealer with this, just for extra security though! It claims to last up to 15 hours. Now I can't vouch for this, simply because I haven't had it on 15 hours yet. I think the longest I ever had it on was 7 hours and upon arriving home there were no signs of slippage or cake-i-ness! (Although the OTT fake-tan Estee Lauder girl confessed she sometimes goes to bed with hers on and it's still on the next morning, nothing like trying to sell a product, yuck!). It is a semi-matte foundation which leaves you with a slight dewy natural effect which creates a healthy glow.

If you have read my skincare routine (the link that I posted above) you will know I suffer with oily skin. This little beaut is oil-free and again, after 7hrs, my face was shine free (and I didn't blot at all through the night) which is a massive bonus for me.

It is fragrance free and non-acnegenic which is perfect for skin like mine! It is also SPF 10, which is not something high on my list, but nonetheless, nice to know.

As previously mentioned, I don't have hundreds to spend on cosmetics and clothes like some. I have committements such as a mortgage, a car to run, a holiday to pay off etc etc so high end products are treats to me which makes me appreciate them that little bit more :-) At £26.50 a pop this foundation is a little pricey, and for that reason I keep it as a 'special occasion' foundation (sad but true!) otherwise I'd be getting through a bottle every few weeks! (You'd think I drink the stuff!).

Now I've spoke (in too much detail) about my current favourite foundation, it'd be rude not to include a FOTD to show you it in all its glory.... ignore the stray hair, how on earth I didn't see that in my face I do not know!

Some of you may recognise this from a few weeks ago. However it was the most suitable photo of me (in regards to lighting) with the product on. To see what other products I am sporting in this photo, see my NYE FOTN.

What is your favourite foundation? I'm always on the hunt to better the one I have! (Although I'd quite happily stick with this for years!).



  1. I'm a little scared of thick foundations but i'd love to try a sample of this when i can, it sounds and looks great, and i love the bottle! My all time favourite is Make up for ever HD- i'm not using it right now but i've gone through 3 bottles of it!

  2. This is next on my list to try. My favourite is Revlon Colorstay but the smell is offputting. Most foundations are just a mess for me- MAC was probably the worst I've tried. Awful zit creating oxidising nastiness!

  3. So i've recently started reading your Blog and ohmygod you are drop dead gorgeous.

  4. I love this foundation, it is amazing! I have been using it for years now and wouldn't use anything else.

    I have just done a review for my first blog post, check it out!


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