Monday 20 August 2012

August's Glossybox! Olympic Style!

This GB was based on the recent Olympics and focused on products that are apparently 'well known' in certain countries. I have stopped reading people's opinions on GB until I've made my own mind up about it, just in case I was subconsciously basing my thoughts through other people's eyes. Trying to be fair n' all that!

I was kinda disappointed with this box. Even though it had 6 products, yet again, one of the products were one from GlossyBox's new 'brand'. However because I've known it since it originated as just a subscription box, the fact that they've extended into beauty products as well just.. doesn't seem right. I kinda get the impression the products are cheap n cheerful. Even though this months' GB lipstick stated it was worth £9.50, and it was nice and pigmented, I'd like to receive products of brands that I'm aware of, or have been around a while. Or maybe even new but not someone that I feel has just jumped on the band wagon and thought 'I know, we'll start creating make-up products as well to make more money' - I might be totally off the mark here, but thats what it feels like.

Anyway, without further ado, this was my box. I've noticed there's not many variations this month so you've probably seen all this before...

L-R - Broadway Impress Nails, GB Lipstick, DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, Lipcote, Alessandro Pro White Polish, Lombre Margarita (front).

Opinions -

Broadway Impress Nails - I've seen these on a few YT videos and was looking forward to trying a pair, however these are a plain burgendy brown colour with gold flecks, so a very autumnal colour, so I think I will be saving these for another few months yet. Although I've read bad write ups about these and how they come off so very easily. We shall see!

GB Lipstick - I've voiced most of my opinions above but for the record, this is a nice pigmented colour, but not the colour for me. Might pass this onto my mum.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil - Another oil based make-up remover has been extremely popular on YT the past month or so, and although this isn't the same brand, I am looking forward to trying this out more because its practically the same thing. I've already tried it out twice and for the first few seconds my thoughts were pretty negative, however a few seconds later and my opinions changed instantly. This is so good! It feels strange taking a full face of foundation off but it really does work! I thought I'd apply a face wipe afterwards and still be left with a foundation full of muck, but I was wrong! Of course there was a litle dirt there but nothing compared to what I imagined. This would be great for people who were very little make-up. I think I'll be taking this to Vegas with me because I'll be trying to limit my make-up over there with the heat.

Lipcote - A fairly cheap product to include. Something I'd never tried before and something I definitely wont be buying, for 2 reasons. 1 - it stung my lips like a b!tch. 2 - It doesn't do what it 'says on the tin'. It's supposed to make your lipstick smudge-proof and for it to stay put. It really doesn't. Thats all I'm going to say on that matter.

Pro-White polish. Perfect for me cos I've got stained nails from all the times I've painted my nails without a base coat. I do see some effects on some nails but not others. The ultra violet colour is meant to counteract the yellowness on the nails, to make it appear whiter. This needs trialling a little more.

Eyeshadow Palette (just because it's not worth being called its real name!). Worth approximately £3.85 (and I think I read somewhere it is 'popular' in Spain). 1 - What a strange concoction of colours? How many people wear GREEN eyeshadow?! Not many! The palette looks cheap, and I haven't even bothered opening them to test the pigmentation. I have far too many eyeshadow palettes (I know this isn't GB's fault). If they were more appealing colours then I might have given this a chance.

If you do the maths, you'll realise half the products were disappointing for me. And because of this, I have subscribed to another box. I have kept my subscription with GB for one more month then I think it will be time to unsubscribe. I have been subscribed to them since the moment they were born in the UK in May 2011, but I think its now time to move on to new pastures (plus I like their box a little more, any guesses who?!)


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  1. your views seem similar to most, can't believe they put that palette in, so gross!! xx


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