Thursday 9 August 2012

Week 5 - Weightwatchers Weigh In!

This week I'm gonna cut the crap cos' I've got a tendency to babble on a little in these posts..

Basically if you follow my blog, you'll know I was away last weekend. Although I didn't over indulge, I could have eaten better. Since arriving back home on Saturday night, I've really struggled to start tracking again.
It got to Tuesday and I started panicking, telling myself I've either stayed the same or put weight on. Did quite intense dancing exercises on Tues + Weds night to 'make up for it'.

Weighed in tonight, a little anxious, I will admit. I took all jewellery off (I had a pretty heavy bib metal necklace on!), I also remembered to remove my ID badge this time! And.... I had lost 1.5lbs. I am pretty happy with that considering I haven't been tracking. That happy that I even went down the beach tonight and treat myself to a nice whipped ice-cream, complete with a flake. Yum!

Week 1 - 2.5lb loss
Week 2 - 2lb loss
Week 3 - 0.5lb loss
Week 4 - 1.5lb loss

Total weight loss - 6.5lb.

It's steady, but it's coming off...I'm seeing that half a stone mark approaching verrrry fast!


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