Saturday 11 August 2012

What's in my travel bag?

So for those that are unaware, I went for a night away in a swish hotel last weekend. With it being only one night, I was cheeky and used my boyfriends rucksack for the majority of my belongings. With this being the case, I had to pack lightly. I even did away with hair straighteners which kinda made me anxious but I got through it!

I thought I'd show you just how limited I can be when forced. As long as my essentials were included, anything else was a bonus...

L-R (Back row) Elizabeth Arden Skin Balancing Moisturiser. I received this in my most recent GB, and due to the size, I thought now is the best time to give this a whirl, otherwise I probably never will.
Mouthwash - this isn't actually what it says on the bottle, it's still mouthwash of course, but FYI it's Listerine inside that instead :-)
Batiste dry shampoo. Because I knew I wasn't taking hair straighteners, that meant I couldn't wash my hair or else I'd be going out like a fizz-hog the next day, so instead I did 2nd day hair and used this instead to freshen it up a little.
Dove anti-perspirant. If I'm completely honest this is something thats been sat in what I call my 'travel box' for ages. I used it for a weekend away a while back and it was still half full, but I was determined to use it up. Thing is, I'm not keen on the smell, it reminds me of cucumbers, which as a deoderant, I don't find pleasant! Thankfully I was able to use this up whilst I was there, and in the bin it went. So.Satisfying.
Como Shambhala body lotion. I'm in 2 minds with this, simply because of the smell, its quite herbal and spicey, something I'm not too keen on, however I've received 2 of these buggars from GB over my time with them so I need to start getting rid!
Estee Lauder Eye make-up remover. Although again, this isn't what it says on the bottle - it is eye make-up remover, but by Botanics, I just think its handy to save little bottles like this for occasions like these!
Ickle Bockles - this is a company that sent me a bunch of freebies over a year ago now, and this little cute thing is actually a fold up toothbrush.
Caudalie perfume/spritzer. I have loads of perfume samples, but this being the biggest, I decided to take this so I was sure that I wasn't going to run out. Again, another item from GB. This seems to be lasting me ages. Its now in my work handbag and I am forever getting complimented on it when sprayed at work. Perfect little handbag friend.

For products, I think I did pretty well! I could have taken shower gel and soap etc, but 99% of hotels have these things included now so I knew not to bother. In fact our hotel was pretty equipped with luxury products.

If you would like to see what's in my travel make up bag, and see just how light a girl can pack, watch this video!

Do you think you could pack as lightly as this for one night? Intriguied!

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