Saturday 25 August 2012

Week 7 - Weightwatchers Weigh in!

So I feel like I've completely fell off the dieting wagon just recently. I'm not just if I've mentioned in previous posts but ever since returning from our little weekend away in Manchester, I've found it really difficult to get back on track, and I don't know why. It's like I reached my half a stone mark and because of that, I'm subconsciously telling myself its ok now. But it really isn't. No way near. I'm still not tracking, I do try watch what I eat 90% of the time, but theres still 10% of me that thinks 'stuff it, I'm gonna eat this cake'.

For those of that you that follow my weigh-in posts, you'll know my weigh-in is on a Thursday night. Just before I stepped on the scales, I told my leader 'I'm 100% sure I've either put on or stayed the same'. And I was right. I had gained 0.5lb. Yep, not a great deal, but it wasn't nice seeing my weight loss calculation decrease after increasing every month. However, once again, I'd left my work ID badge on, so that would have contributed to a bit of a false weigh-in again.

I still haven't learnt my lesson. Straight after weigh-in, I stuffed my face with my first double cheeseburger from McDonalds in 7/8 weeks. It was scrumpalicious! Over the next few days I have stuffed my face with 3 Apple & Custard Danish pastries, and a huge handful of mini Time Out chocolate bars. Today for lunch I got invited to a fish & chip restaurant. Instead of saying no, I went. I did try and be a little good, by ordering a small portion of fish. When I received the fish I ate the fish but left the batter (which I was quite proud of!), but I did have a plate of chips too. So umph. I've done an hour of intense dancing tonight to make myself feel better. I do have time to pull it back by doing exercise, but Im finding myself saying that a lot these past few weeks, and before I know it, its Wednesday and I've done no exercise. I'm doing house work and possibly a spot of gardening tomorrow (weather dependent) so I'm going to get extra exercise in there.

If anyone has any inspiration when you hit a brick wall in dieting then please throw it my way!

Total weight loss - 6.5lb


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  1. I do a weekly weightloss post on a monday.. this week i hit major brick walls =, im afraid to weigh myself tomorrow


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