Sunday 28 April 2013

The Chronicles of a Nail Girl: Paint the Town Red

Red should be in every girls nail collection in my eyes. Especially a nice paintbox red. I think its such a classic colour and looks gorgeous with a black number on a night out. Its also a very versitile colour so tends to go with a lot of outfits.

Now, this photo, I know you're probably thinking 'well that looks like a random concoction of reds Kate!' But hear me out - The bright yellow on the end... is the only yellow I own, as is the orange next to it, so I didn't feel like it deserved a post on its own, so I gathered the nearest colour to this is red.. so there you have it! Also, the colours at the other end, I can promise you they are all forms of red, even though they look a little.... funky.

Maybelline 'Canary Yellow'
No 7 'Tangy'
Barry M 'Bright Red'
Nails Inc 'St James'
Collection 2000 'Starlet' This is so pretty and has a gorgeous irredescent shimmer to it
Deborah Lippmann - Love this, especially round Christmas time. Although again, being a glitter, its a pain to remove
OPI 'You only live twice' - Very similar to the previous but with finer flecks of glitter.
Avon 'Cherry Jubilee' - I've had this for a long time now, although it doesn't look it, its quite similar to Barry Ms 'Raspberry'
ELF 'Burgundy' - This looks horrible in the photo, and its not much better in reality. It has a gold shimmer to it but is quite a disappointing product.

I think my red category is quite poor, I need to spice it up a little!


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